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  1. Forscan Diff pump control.

    I tried to use Forscan to activate the diff pump in my 2021 Mach1, but the R_DIFF_PUMP PID is not in the list. The PIDs for the DIFF TEMP SENSOR are in the list, but not the pump. Has anyone successfully activated the diff pump in a Mach1 with Forscan? If so, any help you can offer is...

    I changed my brake fluid yesterday to Castrol SRF using my Motive power bleeder. After which I attempted to bleed the abs portion using Forscan with no luck. I am new to Forscan, but very familiar with other diagnostic software. I downloaded Forscan and activated the license. Connected to the...
  3. Track day - rear wiggle under heavy braking

    I recently had my first track day in my car with an instructor at Harris Hill Raceway in San Marcos, Tx. I’ve been through the track attack and FPRS second day in the 2015 Mustang GT. Although my track experience is somewhat limited, my instructor and I were able to get up to speed pretty...
  4. Exhaust Mode changed by itself

    I was driving down the road in track mode with the exhaust in track mode, 4th gear light throttle, ~50 MPH and I noticed the exhaust sound changed. I scrolled through the exhaust mode menu and found I wAs back in normal mode. I reselected track mode for for the exhaust and it changed like it...
  5. Lowering springs on a HP car.

    I have a HP car and I feel like I’d like the car would look better lowered a little. Has anyone lowered their HP car yet? Did the change have an adverse affect on ride or handling? Any clearance or tire rub issues? Any unintended consequences? What springs did you use? post pictures.
  6. 2022 Mach 1 Track Attack schedule open

    The 2022 Mach1 track attack schedule has been posted and registration is open. https://mach1trackattack.com/2021/12/13/registration-coming-soon/
  7. Keeping painted calipers clean

    I have the painted orange calipers on my FJG HP Mach1. Car has 1300 miles on it, and the calipers are starting to show some grime and brake dust. As I’m cleaning the calipers and wheels, I’m wondering if there is value in ceramic coating the calipers. For those that have ceramic coated their...