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  1. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    @Cory S has a lot of seat time and 3 transmission swaps in a 6r80 car with 800+whp. He'll be able to point you in the right direction.
  2. How is there NOT a step by step video of a Whipple installation on YouTube???

    I got the timing cover, water pump, knock sensors, and the cam covers (valve covers) on. missing a few bolts, so I had to run by the local Ford dealer and order new ones today.
  3. ID1050X's and a couple questions

    I'm happy to help.
  4. ID1050X's and a couple questions

    I did not use the washer and I used the smaller O-rings. They have a little up and down play which Whipple and Injector Dynamics both said was normal. When pressure is applied, they seal with no issues.
  5. Additional parts/mods beyond built short block

    I was at about 780whp on 93 for only about a month and I broke a ringland on #6 piston. That was due to me being stupid and doing far too many back to back pulls on a 100 degree day. The big issue there is ring gap. Make sure you gap the rings for boost no matter which block you go with. Running...
  6. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I got the front timing cover, knock sensors, cam covers, and water pump put on this morning.
  7. Additional parts/mods beyond built short block

    That I can't tell you. I have a built stock block, stock bore, gen 3, with Manley 2618 pistons, H-Tuff Rods, ARP hardware all over the place. Stock cams and ported heads. I am going to shoot for a hero pull of 1000whp, but I plan to back it down to run no more than 900whp. That's with a Gen5 3.0...
  8. Additional parts/mods beyond built short block

    ARP cam tower bolts. Your OPG's and crank sprocket will transfer. I would change your cam phasers while you are at it because, why not? Grab a new water pump too, because, again, why not? You are that deep, just do it.
  9. Off to a rough start with 2016 GT

    Definitely change the water pump while you are there. Timing chains and phasers are supposed to be "life of the vehicle", but again, while you are that deep, it probably isn't a bad idea to do.
  10. Roush heat soak

    Sorry to hear about the totalling of the car. I know the feeling. It's quite the kick in the sack.
  11. E85 worth it?

    I haven't fooled with it in weeks so I'm not really sure, but it seems like you SHOULD be able to do that.
  12. Roush heat soak

    Heat soak is when after a few spirited runs on a positive displacement blower, the fluid in the intercooler gets so hot from back to back runs, that the ecu starts pulling timing because the air temperatures post intercooler is too hot.
  13. E85 worth it?

    I haven't run the lines yet, but I will probably remove the old line.
  14. E85 worth it?

    It's a dead head system. I know guys with this system that run mid to low 9's on full weight cars. North of 850whp on ethanol. It supports way more than that.
  15. Delete or Not Delete Cam Phasers on Boosted 19 GT?

    I'm not deleting mine. They serve a function. I put a brand new set on due to the fact that I have been installing a built engine and the old ones had 47k miles on them. I know you don't NEED to because they are a "life of the vehicle" part but I figured, I am in there, why not? So I got a new...
  16. E85 worth it?

    I have the Stage 2 partially installed on the car right now.
  17. E85 worth it?

    Click here for Arcane fuel systems.
  18. E85 worth it?

    I will beat this to death. The thing I don't particularly like about the Fore system is it isn't very daily driver friendly. It has no fuel bucket so you have to keep no less than half a tank of fuel in the car to keep the pumps immersed in fuel, or you risk a starvation situation when...
  19. 2016 Saleen

    I figured it out. No worries.
  20. What are the best Black Friday deals that you're tracking?

    I ran without it for over 41k miles. No slave cylinder issues.