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  1. Arknsawchuck

    What's Your Favorite Detailing Tools

    Your cleaning accessories beat the hell outta my little harbor freight stool, but I bet they have a higher maintenance
  2. Arknsawchuck

    What's Your Favorite Detailing Tools

    My little harbor freight stool. Makes cleaning the lower portion of the car so much easier
  3. Arknsawchuck

    Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Found a backup ride today while out cruising around.
  4. Arknsawchuck

    Mustangs parking by Mustangs - Photos

    Out at the local skeet and trap range.
  5. Arknsawchuck

    Fan problem. Fans come on and stay on when I start the engine. Even with AC off.

    If I got this right the fans should kick on when the engine has hit a preset temp. So it seems something is telling the fans the engine has hit that temp. Thats my best armchair guess. Id start looking for a sensor or switch in that system.
  6. Arknsawchuck

    Roof wrap

    I agree. Save some money and do the roof yourself. Its not hard. Will be a lot easier with a little help.
  7. Arknsawchuck

    student debt forgiveness is back

    Socialism leads to communism. Not all that far apart. And to answer you I'm not ok with the way the gov has been spending. And it goes back further than 4 years. But tied in with this college debt deal, a giant amount of gov spending goes to free stuff for the non working group...
  8. Arknsawchuck

    student debt forgiveness is back

    A friend of mine has a AC business. Got a call to do a job and when he got to the house it was a 300k+ house and had a hummer and an escalade in the driveway. Single mom, 4 kids and no job. All free from the gov. and our pay checks. 300k house in my area is a damn nice house. Welcome to...
  9. Arknsawchuck

    Who can do FORScan/Digital Dash in NJ/NY

    You can download forscan for free and do it yourself ya know.
  10. Arknsawchuck

    Ban on gasoline cars by 2035

    If they had state of the art coal plants its nowhere near as bad as it used to be but they don't. India is so bad they have bodies of water that have no fish and catch fire periodically. Yet America and our cars are the problem...BS.
  11. Arknsawchuck

    Is my battery going bad or something else?

    My first thought is yes. 11 is getting low. And since it reads 14 when running that means your charging system is working. Go by auto zone or any auto parts store and have them test it. Its free. They can put a load on it with their tester and see whats going on.
  12. Arknsawchuck

    Ban on gasoline cars by 2035

    This is not about pollution, its all about control. Like you said the simple math doesn't add up to being about pollution. If it was they would be all over countries like India and China. Those countries are about 50 years behind when it comes to pollution measures.
  13. Arknsawchuck

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    They have some nice hole plugs at home depot in the hardware section. Looks like a little black button when installed.
  14. Arknsawchuck

    What feature did you discovered today

    I've played around with forscan. Did the fog light change you mentioned. Didn't see the blinker change. I'll have to look them it again. Thanks
  15. Arknsawchuck

    2019 Performance Package 2 wheels and tires for sale

    No you didn't say they were black, just the link you gave was to the after market black ones. No biggy.
  16. Arknsawchuck

    *New Member*

    I hate to call it rubbing really, more of a ever so slight touch. Just enough to clean the dirt off the wheel well liner in a full turn of the wheel. But I did go to a 305/35/19 so that is prob the reason for that. I'm sure the 30s wouldn't touch.
  17. Arknsawchuck

    What feature did you discovered today

    How did you change the number of blinks?
  18. Arknsawchuck

    CLUNK when taking off

    That is odd. Best guess is maybe a bolt loosened up and a bushing is popping/slipping. Had a 17 gt that had a odd thump sound when hitting bumps and ended up being the top shock mount bolts loose. Odd yours is louder in reverse.
  19. Arknsawchuck

    2019 Performance Package 2 wheels and tires for sale

    Those aren't the same ones, color wise anyway. But I get your point.