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  1. matthewr87

    Battery charging

    I've just been using one of the strut bolts. Seems to work fine.
  2. matthewr87

    December Drive?

    Took mine out on Monday and gave it a wash afterwards. Might get a chance on Saturday too.
  3. matthewr87

    2018 unsold gt350

    I bought a new 2012 GT/CS that sat on a dealer lot for 1.5 years. MSRP was 47.5 and they sold it to me for 28. Granted it was a GT not a GT350, but they were really desperate to move it.
  4. matthewr87

    CPO HE Gt350 that was previously tuned.

    Do they even check for tuning during the Ford CPO process?
  5. matthewr87

    Who is breaking the law over front license plates?

    I use a bracket that attaches to my grille. It doesn't cause any damage to the car. The way I see it if I do not have a front plate then there is a non-zero chance of being pulled over for not having a front plate. Same reason I do not tint my windows. I want to minimize my chances of...
  6. matthewr87

    Best Front License Plate for Shelby GT350

    I can also recommend this bracket. Have had it since I bought the car and have no complaints.
  7. matthewr87

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Ah okay, thank you! I am also in Maryland. How does it work here? Just wait and it comes in the mail?
  8. matthewr87

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I paid off the car loan. On a related note, what happens now? Last year when I bought the car I received the title from the DMV and it lists the bank on it at the bottom. Do I have to go to the DMV to update that? Or does a new title just get sent automatically? Never had a car loan in the US...
  9. matthewr87

    Gated Gearbox? Cheating...

    Nothing beats the challenge of driving an MT-82 for 6 years (especially in winter at -40) :crackup: On the plus side it taught me to shift like a fancy Nancy using just my fingers and letting the guides do the work.
  10. matthewr87

    Interior plastic scratches on new car ☹️

    I am as OCD as the next guy. But if you intend to drive the car then you will pick up scuffs and scratches on those plastic trim pieces regardless. Now I understand the desire to be THE person to cause those scratches and not have scratches on a newly purchased car, but they will re-appear. It...
  11. matthewr87

    Swapping Cup2s for PS4S... in below freezing temps? bad idea?

    Just don't let those SC2s freeze or there is a high probability they will crack and be ruined. 10 miles is 10 miles but hopefully the drive itself does not take too long. Also do not let it sit outside the dealership in those freezing temps. Make sure it is brought inside right away.
  12. matthewr87

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Can you not change the default start-up settings with Forscan?
  13. matthewr87

    GT350 from a Salt Belt dealer?

    I would honestly be more concerned about spraying my car with a "salt neutralization fluid" than I would be about driving my car in salty conditions, especially in OPs case where there is absolutely zero evidence that his car has ever seen salt to begin with. Often these types of things cause...
  14. matthewr87

    Selling GT350R for new Porsche 718 Spyder?

    My personal opinion is that if you are not going to drive the car then it is pointless to keep it, unless keeping it in the garage and ensuring it is in perfect condition makes you happy (which I acknowledge it does for some people). I used to be in that camp actually but then I started feeling...
  15. matthewr87

    [Very] Cold Starts - Oil Consumption

    I don't have any cold weather experience with the GT350. However my previous Mustangs regularly experienced cold start temps of -25C and below in the winter. I waited for the cold start revs to come down (sometimes 5 minutes or longer depending on the temperature) and then drove while keeping...
  16. matthewr87

    GT350 from a Salt Belt dealer?

    You are talking about a modern vehicle, not a Fiat from the 1980s. Even if it had been driven in the salty brine a few times, the long term consequences of that are negligible. I drove my previous two Mustangs all year round back in Canada, including the briniest of brine, and the only rust I...
  17. matthewr87

    2020 GT350 Purchase Question

    If you go down the internet rabbit hole regarding GT350s you will see oil consumption issues pre-2019, and random engine failures post-2019. Usually problems are amplified on internet forums because generally people do not post threads about perfectly functioning vehicles.
  18. matthewr87

    GT350 needing new tires at 2k miles. Should I be concerned?

    Is it possible to have the dealership take the car to an inspection shop of your choice prior to purchase? That way you will at least have some piece of mind. Get them to include it in the price of the car.
  19. matthewr87

    Well that didn't last long. 2020 GT350R DEAD

    If I had to guess I would say military guys who shipped their cars over while stationed in Germany or elsewhere in Europe.
  20. matthewr87

    Got an alignment and still having weird vibrations above 80mph

    On my 2012 GT I had driveline vibration issues. At one point I could only feel it in the steering wheel. Harmonics can be weird sometimes.