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  1. 2017 Mustang GT 6MT Start Sequence.

    Clutch in, right foot on brakes, then ignition button. I did not even know you could do the reverse.
  2. How much oil do you use between changes from your Coyote?

    1 qt per 1,000 miles. So about 5 quarts per oil change for me
  3. GT350 vs GT350R - Talk me out of an R

    If you are going to keep the R long term then I think it makes sense to get it. That $50k amortized over 10 years is just $5k per year. That's not that bad at all for something that would bring you happiness on a daily basis. Just my perspective :like:
  4. 2020 Ford Mustang Recall! Brake pedal bracket could snap during sudden braking

    " Ford changed the brake pedal bracket material from nylon to polypropylene " If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  5. Brand new 2020 GT is drinking oil

    I was consuming 1 QT per 2000 miles when I bought my car. At 10k miles, consumption was 1 QT per 1000 miles. My dealership said it was normal. By this time the engine was knocking loudly which they considered normal as well. At 15k miles I was consuming 1 QT per 700 miles. Ford finally did...
  6. Would you buy a Mustang with a fully manual DCT?

    I think using a DCT with paddles is more fun than letting the computer do the work for you but there's just not enough driver interaction and skill involved to keep me engaged. I'm sticking with a manual.
  7. Power wash engine bay

    I power wash my s550 engine bay without covering anything. I first foam everything and then from 4 feet away rinse everything down for maybe 30 seconds. At that range the force of the water is reduced a good amount. It's not a deep clean but I'm just trying to get the light grease and dirt off...
  8. How come my calculated engine torque is so much less than the manufacturer's specifications?

    This video can probably explain which calculation to use. Look at the whiteboard calculations he's using. Wheel torque = Engine torque x gearing Gearing = 4.696 x 3.15 Engine torque = 420 ft/lbs Wheel torque = 5917 ft/lbs x (whatever ratio you want to use for transmission loss) The point of...