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  1. Getting the GT350R dialed in for Sebring

    Which club are you running with, SCCA? They usually put on a good event, last time though they were rolling around on golf carts yelling about masks even when sitting solo. I plan to run with PDG in March. 6 sessions and less restrictive passing.
  2. Good watch: Randy Pobst drives and instructs a GT350 on track (360 degree video)

    Randy was instructing the owners car for that session, since it was his first time. Got to chat with Randy in the pits for a bit and get some tips so that was pretty cool. Got to pass them in Turn 14 too. Randy wasn't all out in a student's car though as you can see from the video, it still...
  3. Adding camber to a 19+ 350R

    I was able to get -2.5 with the Vorshlag camber plates, the strut top is still 1/4 inch away from the strut tower so double the amount of clearance recommended by Vorshlag.
  4. GT Ford Performance Lowering Springs (GT350/GT350R/GT 2018-2020 with Magneride)

    I will take them if willing to ship to 33914.