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  1. NoXiDe

    hey GT350 owners . I'm getting the Mach 1. Is the Tremac that much better than the MT 82. I've read of some problems with the Tremac as well.

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Would be cool if it did but I don't exactly know and if I'm being honest.... it's probably unlikely.
  2. NoXiDe

    TrakkTape versus Track Armour

    From what I understood, 1) trakktape on paint which also includes side mirrors? 2) black gorilla tape on splitters and side splitters
  3. NoXiDe

    GT350 Hits 172 MPH on the Autobahn

    I believe the reason was due to their testing they just found how long 6th was made 3, 4, 5 perfect for 99 percent of the tracks.
  4. NoXiDe

    GT350 Hits 172 MPH on the Autobahn

    What's the fix if it was the hood?
  5. NoXiDe

    Unable to read oil level - GT350

    Exactly what Rapid said, each time you pull it out it's going to coat the tube just a little which results to an inaccurate read. Even that little amount on the tube can be a pain. My suggestion is what rapid said earlier... just come back the following morning and clean it, stick it in, and...
  6. NoXiDe

    hey GT350 owners . I'm getting the Mach 1. Is the Tremac that much better than the MT 82. I've read of some problems with the Tremac as well.

    as many have said the tremec is perfect from the factory. why do people upgrade the shifter? why not? part of car ownership is the enjoyment of adding aftermarket parts to the car so add the mgw shifter which will allow to short throws or don't... whatever makes you happy. 1 thing that is...
  7. NoXiDe

    Spare tire option

    Honestly, you'll need your own breaker bar to undo the 150 lb/ft. At least my stick arms require it... I'd outsource all of that stuff and only look into a jack which run for $40-$60 bucks on Amazon. Obviously if the one ford can provided is one that fits inside the spare tire well then that's...
  8. NoXiDe

    Georgia GT350 Flywheel and Clutch Assembly

    I just wanted to share that the disc measured .2915". I've included a photo below.
  9. NoXiDe

    Spare tire option

    What's the drive like with the tire? Drive below 35mph max kind of drive? I assume you have a emergency mini jack, breaker bar, and the rest of the stuff to get the job done on the side?
  10. NoXiDe

    OEM Clutch Disc Lining Specs

    This may be a rare question since I haven't found anything but someone brought it up so I figured I'd ask. Does anyone know the disc thickness specs when brand new? The point of this would be to see if there is any wear other than inspecting the edges.
  11. NoXiDe

    Right rear leaks down to 19 psi...

    I was going to say this is likely the problem as well too. Bad valve stem... take it to DT where they have the CF Removal Tool by Hunters. Just make sure they use a new cup as their supposed to replace it after every use. If their working on a junk vehicle they'll reuse it but the tech working...
  12. NoXiDe

    Transmission feels like crap when cold on the first few shifts

    I suspect it's because the fluid is almost in solid form hence the stiff feedback
  13. NoXiDe

    8 mile old Cup2's for sale 295s and 305s

    Put in the largest lawn baggage and double it, won't smell like anything. lol, i got to ask. I think you're on your 7th collection this year, right? ;) haha. Save me 1 rear tire if you can. :p I almost have a full set. just waiting for 1 odd rear tire sell to pop up again. just missing the rear.
  14. NoXiDe

    2019 GT350 with new engine

    Worth more sure but will you be around that long to actually enjoy it? That itself is a mystery.
  15. NoXiDe

    Good watch: Randy Pobst drives and instructs a GT350 on track (360 degree video)

    I believe it was the passenger's car. At some track events, pro's like BillyJ and Randy are also welcome right? There money is just as good as yours or their covered for kicks... whatever. Anyhow, you may ask one of them to drive your car in exchange for some feedback on how to improve or just...
  16. NoXiDe

    The Camber Plates IMO

    yeah their a work of art just like the mgw shifter is too. All I was missing is a white strut for my red,white, and blue theme. to answer your question, the whole system slides back and forth (caster) and left and right for Camber. You undo the Allen 3/16 nuts and slide it back or forward...
  17. NoXiDe

    Another Noisey Car in Neighborhood

    This wine, I swear where’s my next cup!
  18. NoXiDe

    The Camber Plates IMO

    I’m glad I bought the Vorshlag Camber Plates and I hope this posts answers any doubts you may have had about which product to buy. I actually had an issue with them but it was my own doing and possibly several others contributed. I didn’t do the original install so I was at a disadvantage. I’ve...
  19. NoXiDe

    Best Rear tires for Drag GT 350

    Yeah but that thing has over 1200 horses. Nonetheless, we're no one to judge so have it and rip her up to 8250!
  20. NoXiDe

    Georgia GT350 Flywheel and Clutch Assembly

    Correct, I was going to keep it for myself but it's pretty heavy and I got no room for it. My original clutch went in from my tech trans and the intention was to keep this one as a backup but you know how that goes. Just need to make room. This was also inspected by my transmission installer and...