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  1. K4fxd

    CFTP spoiler anti-theft bolts

    The answer is all of the above. Don't leave it in a parking lot for any length of time, have good insurance.
  2. K4fxd

    CFTP spoiler anti-theft bolts

    Hell Yea!!!!!
  3. K4fxd

    Can someone teach me how to find the DA

    I'm guessing your track is also closed, and it is too cold to hook up any tire.
  4. K4fxd

    CFTP spoiler anti-theft bolts

    Please remember, they have security cameras.
  5. K4fxd

    Can someone teach me how to find the DA

    Yea I have an app for current conditions. Edgewater is at -644 feet. I wish they were open.
  6. K4fxd

    ngauge out of business??

    The coyote has been around long enough all the tuners are doing the same changes. Why even encrypt them?
  7. K4fxd

    1/4 Mile Fast List 3.0

    359 feet DA 100% stock on street 235/50/18 A/S tires 3.15 gear A6
  8. K4fxd

    Can someone teach me how to find the DA

    Found it 359 Feet. So good air. Stock car 13.06 111.97 MPh, Some wheel hop on launch 2.17 60 ft.
  9. K4fxd

    Can someone teach me how to find the DA

    for a date in the past. Specifically 09/18/2020 at 9:44 PM 4819 E Miami River Road Cleaves Oh 45002 Thanks
  10. K4fxd

    Some help for tomorrow. Forescan.

    Only thing I can think of is doing a module reset. Then trying to reflash it. Should be a reset function in forscan.
  11. K4fxd

    Intake Manifold Swap?

    It will bolt on but he will need a tune to make it run properly. There was a design change in 15. The 15 and up use valves in the manifold to reduce emissions at part throttle. They are called Charge Motion Control Valves, or CMCV.
  12. K4fxd

    “Next Gen” Mustang Will be Electric (EV) Only Claims Autoline

    Yea, this ain't gonna work. The Tesla home charger is huge. My buddy has a model S and needed electricians to install the charger in his garage. It is almost as big as a water heater.
  13. K4fxd

    P1SC Startup Noise or Belt?

    Is that rust or a flat spot?
  14. K4fxd

    Fan problem. Fans come on and stay on when I start the engine. Even with AC off.

    Good luck finding a coolant sensor........ There is none, the PCM infers if from the cylinder head sensor. It will usually run 10 degrees cooler then the CHT dash display. You need a live scanner.
  15. K4fxd

    Throttle Body on Ported 18 manifold

    The factory 80mm TB already flows 900 CFM. Unless you have a very tricked out engine or FI, it will never get near that flow. 900 CFM is about 66 lbs per min.
  16. K4fxd

    Air Tube Delete

    I clicked on the topic without looking at what forum it is in. I do this too often LOL.
  17. K4fxd

    Battery Trickle Charger Connection Points

    Ok, good to know Yes. You can use any of the terminals, but I believe the proper one is the one closest to the firewall after reading JAJ's response.
  18. K4fxd

    Battery Trickle Charger Connection Points

    There is also one on the positive. It is on the center most red wire in the fuse box. It is the tallest one. It is easy to see if you follow the wire. The amp sensor is about 8 inches from the terminal.
  19. K4fxd

    Air Tube Delete

    Air box is the same size, air tube is larger in diameter. I have one of each. Turbo might need it to meet noise requirements.
  20. K4fxd

    Air Tube Delete

    The resonator before the airbox is eliminated on the 18 and newer GT's. The resonator in the air tube is still there. I'll post a pic if you don't believe me.