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  1. tcman54

    What did you name your Mustang?

    Mine will be named Arlene after my girlfriend of 20 years who passed away over the holidays from cancer. In addition I am considering getting a vinyl sticker made for my aftermarket black rear deck to commemorate her passing. Terry
  2. tcman54

    Watching movies

    My after market unit I installed can play many formats including .mp4 (music video shown). I dont really see the need for movies in my car but to each their own.
  3. tcman54

    Engine falters under 60F

    I do have a catch can installed but anyways thanks for all the suggestions. Terry
  4. tcman54

    Engine falters under 60F

    43000 miles in exactly 5 years, car has never been driven very hard, garage keep, routine oil changes, tire rotation, etc.
  5. tcman54

    Engine falters under 60F

    No lights come on, maybe bad gas?, I went back to buying the cheap stuff at Race Trac stations but that was a long time ago. Terry
  6. tcman54

    Engine falters under 60F

    Sorry, to be more specific, it only happens under acceleration.
  7. tcman54

    Engine falters under 60F

    I have a 2016 Ecoboost Stang that for the most part still runs like a champ except it seems that under 60F outside the engine chugs, sputters, pings, aka just isn't quite as responsive. During spring, summer and fall here in NE Florida when it is in the high 70's, 80's and 90's the engine is...
  8. tcman54

    Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    LOL, my Ecoboost now being almost 5 years old now runs better and looks better than it every did and its not even close. Only problem I ever had was the AC evaporator going out and that was replaced under warranty and has worked perfect ever since. Like people some cars just have issues, lol. TC
  9. tcman54

    This is OBNOXIOUS, PS5 and X box Series X availability.

    I have built my computers for years, used to live just down the street from Tiger Direct. No, one cant play console games on the PC, but most tiles have been ported from consoles and vice versa. Even a middle spec'd gaming PC will offer huge advantages over consoles.
  10. tcman54

    Ford Q4 2020 Sales Released, Mustang Continues Streak as America's Best Selling Sports Car

    In my town Camaros and Challengers are ignored but drive around in a ruby red stylish Mustang and everybody looks. 4 1/2 years later I still have people asking me if that's a new Mustang, lol. TC
  11. tcman54

    Anybody here still work out?

    I workout everyday, 4 days a week swimming in my pool, 3 days a week in my home gym. I am almost 60 but look like 35, so eat my shorts! TC
  12. tcman54

    I became a Mustang owner again!!!

    lemon and lime, you have the 7-up, fresca, and/or sprite of stabled sports cars, lol. congrats on the cars though, you are one lucky dude.
  13. tcman54

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    The song title showing on your radio is Kansas - Dust In The Wind :)
  14. tcman54

    Random thoughts.......................

    No thoughts just a stat, at 10:15am yesterday Elon Musk over took Jeffery Bezos as the world's richest man at $186 billion. TC
  15. tcman54

    Ford Q4 2020 Sales Released, Mustang Continues Streak as America's Best Selling Sports Car

    60,000 sure doesn't seem like much compared to the top selling vehicle of 2020 the Ford F-150 at 787,000 units. No opinion just stating some numbers, lol. TC
  16. tcman54

    Ridiculous forums and threads that could have existed in historical times if the technology was present

    Not going back to far but the size of the thing cracks me up. Is that a mobile phone your holding or just a brick, lol.
  17. tcman54

    Back pain?

    I don't have pain but my back just gets a little wonky every once in awhile, to me the Stangs seats aren't the most comfortable things but I probably just need to adjust them better, lol. TC
  18. tcman54

    Who here has gotten COVID

    I live a very isolated life, very health orientated and have a borderline germ phobia, of course I do have to go the grocery store and such, I don't work I am retired. Anyways about 2 months ago I had a very dry nose and mild upset stomach for about a month then woke up the next day feeling...
  19. tcman54

    Got a Roomba for Christmas...

    Make sure line lock is off if you don't won't smoke in your house. :wink: TC