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  1. Sergeant Gearhead

    GT350 Hits 172 MPH on the Autobahn

    That sounds impressive! There is no other car out there that shrieks like a S550 GT350. VOODOO POWER!!!!
  2. Sergeant Gearhead

    Do you want to see an AWD Mustang? Is it still a Mustang?

    Sure, I wouldn't mind if Ford built an AWD Mustang. Make it in combination with the hybrid we saw in that patent and I'd be happy with that. It would certainly give an excuse for us Midwesterners to own a pony car. My only ask is that Ford should make AWD only available on the hybrids and the...
  3. Sergeant Gearhead

    “Next Gen” Mustang Will be Electric (EV) Only Claims Autoline

    If this news is true (which I don't think it is), then what ever happened to Ford dropping that new 6.8-liter engine into it?
  4. Sergeant Gearhead

    The big S550 end of generation thread

    You're right. The S550 GT350 and GT500 are on fire, a fire that will only be fueled even more by the values for both cars skyrocketing over time. I can claim myself to have heard the snarl of a flat-plane Voodoo V-8. It was so loud. The GT 350 has been my favorite Mustang ever since that moment...
  5. Sergeant Gearhead

    I became a Mustang owner again!!!

    Totally digging that yellow! It's not every day you meet somebody who owns both a Mustang and a Hellcat. I'm jealous... -SG
  6. Sergeant Gearhead

    Introduce yourself!!

    Hello, everyone! I'm Sergeant Gearhead. You might know me from Bronco6G, Bronco Sport Forum,, and Mach-E Forum. I am a big fan of all things Ford, especially the Mustang. Both my dad and my uncle have previously owned 1964 1/2 Mustangs. I also like to do model cars in my spare time.
  7. Sergeant Gearhead

    Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    My personal seat preference is the standard option. They're more comfortable and easier to get in and out of than the Recaros. You also get the option for heated/vented seats with the regular seats (depending on trim).
  8. Sergeant Gearhead

    Ford Q4 2020 Sales Released, Mustang Continues Streak as America's Best Selling Sports Car

    Good to see that the Mustang is still on top of things despite the pandemic. Hopefully, Ford will be able to improve more on this this year since things are destined to get better this year (knock on wood...).
  9. Sergeant Gearhead

    1400hp Hoonicorn vs 760hp GT500

    They said that the GT500 shifts within the blink of an eye... Well, the blink of an eye is also how long it takes for that Hoonicorn to reach the end of the drag strip. It just takes off. But hey, at least the GT500 still puts up a good fight.
  10. Sergeant Gearhead

    Trying a new look for the girl

    That looks nice! Wonder how this custom paint job would look with other factory colors... -SG
  11. Sergeant Gearhead

    A tribute to the Mustang - My garage transformation

    That looks sooooo awesome! Especially with the Mustang wallpaper and the five-oh badge on the cabinet. Nice Miata, by the way. -SG