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  1. Mike5876

    2020 GT350R Heritage Build Thread (Twin Turbo)

    Will be awesome...Ive had 6 Hellion cars....Best kits and customer service bar none..cant wait to see when you get it finished!
  2. Mike5876

    New Mexico Performance blue 2020 GT500

    I bought this car but decided to sell and wait a few months for my orange car i ordered to come in it has less than 100 miles I will sell for the price i paid $83250 and you can have a brand new Gt500 without waiting! Serious only please car located in Albuquerque New Mexico 561-419-5939 Mike
  3. Mike5876

    Performance blue available.....Orange car incoming so im going to sell

    I have an orange GT500 ordered and this blue one came in so i bought intending to keep until the other car arrived....I decided to just sell and take the orange one when it arrives next month....It has less than 100 miles on it....I will sell for $83500 which is what i have in it no...
  4. Mike5876

    GT500 Available at Sticker

    I CALLED ITS not AT msrp
  5. Mike5876

    2020 Shelby GT500 and GT350 Dealer Allocation

    I have an allocation available for a base at 5k over sticker....I really have a hard time paying over especially if cars will be available in a few months at sticker.....not sure if its worth it..i bought my 350r for 5k over and ended up losing 10k when I sold it
  6. Mike5876

    My 2018 gt in for a custom turbo kit. New upgrades and Added 1200 hp dyno sheet

    looks like a Hellion sleeper kit that probably cost half the price of that!!!! lol
  7. Mike5876

    Trading my 2016 Z06 for a new 2018 GT350??

    gt350....slowest 500+ horsepower car I've ever owned or driven...i had a 2015 z51 with a 76mm turbo before the gt350 ...i couldn't wait to sell the gt350
  8. Mike5876

    GT 2018 Hellion kit, Fore triple pump system...much more

    im not sure yet...maybe another GTR
  9. Mike5876

    GT 2018 Hellion kit, Fore triple pump system...much more

    $47500 i found another car i want
  10. Mike5876

    GT 2018 Hellion kit, Fore triple pump system...much more

    thank you sir! i thought it would have sold already too!! its basically a brand new car with 20k in mods
  11. Mike5876

    Street sleeper hellion turbo kit vs top mount turbo kit

    we have emissions but....i bought the car new and we have 2 years before it needs to be tested again
  12. Mike5876

    Street sleeper hellion turbo kit vs top mount turbo kit

    Im prob a good person to ask because I've had A hellion top mount kit on my 2018 and I've had the sleeper kit! I put the top mount back on because i like to open the hood and see turbos! Car went 9.70 @153 with the sleeper kit before we took it off....If you drove both setups you can't tell a...
  13. Mike5876

    Help me decide on a Supercharger vs Turbo

    I have a 2018 Hellion turbo car .....The look of the turbos when you open the hood...the drives like stock until you need more and Hellion customer service is second to none This is my 5th Hellion car i love these kits!!! BTW my car went 9.70 @149 on 20" street wheels
  14. Mike5876

    GT Red 2018 A10- Whipple, Fore Fuel,OPG, Cat Delete, E85

    im selling my 2018 Hellion car also with 20K of options and no bites don't get it that red car is sweet BTW!
  15. Mike5876

    Why did you sell your GT350?

    I sold my 350R because it was the slowest 500+ hp car i have ever driven body panels fit like crap car tramlined all over the road bought a 2018 gt put 2 turbos on it couldn't be happier gt350 looks better but gt is better in my opinion
  16. Mike5876

    Why aren't we seeing more turbo 2018's?

    yes i had top mount on since December and Hellion asked to put sleeper kit on to see how it would run....i guess a benefit of living 10 miles from Hellions shop!