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  1. Rev Happy

    What a good lap time at Willowsprings looks like

    Thanks man, will do!
  2. Rev Happy

    Unable to read oil level - GT350

    It's the angle its pulled out. I've noticed the faster I do it, the less it smears.
  3. Rev Happy

    What a good lap time at Willowsprings looks like

    Ya I year ya. I'll hit you up when I'm able to head out there. Would like to have you ride in the car with me so I can get some good advice. Is it Saturday or Sunday. Mother's day might be tuff for me to get out there. How's your R? 1000 miles yet?
  4. Rev Happy

    hey GT350 owners . I'm getting the Mach 1. Is the Tremac that much better than the MT 82. I've read of some problems with the Tremac as well.

    On that car, get the manual. I had an MGW on my last Mustang but so far I don't really feel the need to swap one in on my GT350.
  5. Rev Happy

    What a good lap time at Willowsprings looks like

    Ya I'm out in Studio City
  6. Rev Happy

    What a good lap time at Willowsprings looks like

    Ya you're flying...nice stuff man. I would like to get out there soon myself but I'm just not on that level. Still have a lot to learn and hoping I can get out there when the track is not that busy.
  7. Rev Happy

    GT350R with replacement engine live on BaT!

    2 to 3K miles a year is considered high mileage?
  8. Rev Happy

    Mecum Auction - Kissimmee

    That R carbon fiber splitter is nice.
  9. Rev Happy

    Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    Cool, if they're garbage I'll take them for free.
  10. Rev Happy

    GT350R with replacement engine live on BaT!

    The 2016 that went for 68K was actually black as well... :)
  11. Rev Happy

    Wrecked / Totaled 2020+ GT500 Thread

    The speed limit looks to be 35 on that street. I wonder how fast he was going.
  12. Rev Happy

    If you could have any - one - car, what would it be and why did you choose it?

    Ferrari F40. For me, that's at the top of greatest cars ever made. The last true analog Ferrari super-car really. Still a gorgeous and exotic looking car today.
  13. Rev Happy

    New ADM record??? 100K markup!

    Most people who are in a financial position where they're able to pay and get what they want, didn't get to that position in life because they were "idiots". It's their money and their car. Who cares how they purchased it.
  14. Rev Happy

    Ford Shelby GT350 (R) Maintenance

    If that comes with the filter, that's a good price. The oil filters are not cheap from the dealer.
  15. Rev Happy

    Ford Shelby GT350 (R) Maintenance

    Also for tools, you'll need a 27mm socket for the oil filter and a 3/8" inch drive to remove the drain plug. I ended up just removing the driver's side wheel for easy access to the oil filter.
  16. Rev Happy

    Ford Shelby GT350 (R) Maintenance

    I got my oil from here: FL2087 is the oil filter you want and I ended up just buying it from the dealer since I had trouble finding them online.
  17. Rev Happy

    Right rear leaks down to 19 psi...

    Hunter Revolution is the tire changer you want. I just had to replace a tire on my car do to a nail. Not all Ford dealers have it though so you might have to do a little research.
  18. Rev Happy

    Help! I am not in love with the GT350R Sound!

    @honeybadger, Longtubes? What's the rest of the exhaust on there? Sounds great man. I agree that there is a small range of rasp with the stock exhaust under load in low RPM. Who drives this car at low RPM though? :)
  19. Rev Happy

    Click Whir CLICK Click

    Yup, it's the exhaust valves cycling.
  20. Rev Happy

    Strong selling price for an R on Bring a Trailer

    A lot of people are afraid of the upkeep and maintenance. As a Shadow Black owner, having full PPF and ceramic coating is a must in my opinion. So far, both have helped eliminate all the nightmares that come associated with maintaining a black car.