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  1. Bluelightning

    Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    I drove the Camaro extensively before I bought my 18 GT. I just preferred the way the Mustang drove. I also liked the interior more. I also didn't like visibility out of the Camaro.
  2. Bluelightning

    Ford Performance Hood struts

    Did the Redlines on mine. Zero issues.
  3. Bluelightning

    GT350 Possible Purchase

    Looks like a good buy. Track pack car, with the nav and screen installed afterwards. I think by the second owner. Done at the dealer per carfax.
  4. Bluelightning

    2020 GT350R Heritage Build Thread (Twin Turbo)

    That hood would look killer if you painted and striped it to match. I think in the rpm band you will be running on a road course, you won't have an issue with those 62s spooling or keeping you in the power band.
  5. Bluelightning

    Hood Struts

    Good call. I've got these on my GT350. They work perfectly, and were only about a 10 minute installation.
  6. Bluelightning

    Damn it! I can't do it...

    Buy a beater. I've got a 2011 Accord that has close to 200K on it. My car hasn't seen rain or snow since I bought it.
  7. Bluelightning

    Magnetic Metallic vs. Velocity Blue vs. Rapid Red

    Lightning Blue is the best!
  8. Bluelightning

    MagnaFlow Mufflers

    I believe it's this kit that is from CJ Pony Parts.
  9. Bluelightning

    Rebuilt Title Question

    I only paid slightly more than that for my 17 that was perfect with 2K miles on it. There would be no way I would pay 45K for a rebuilt title car regardless of year.
  10. Bluelightning

    Wheels of Fortune - Signature Wheels

    I did a cruise with this car last weekend. Looks even better in person.
  11. Bluelightning

    Clearance issues with a 1 inch lowered car?

    I don't think the min drop springs will work for you as you need magneride specific springs.
  12. Bluelightning

    Is this the norm at dealerships?

    What can you get through your bank, or a credit union? Compare that to what the dealership offers, and if they won't match the interest rate, just use the lowest one.
  13. Bluelightning

    2 Weeks with the GT350

    Nice Car! It's almost my twin!
  14. Bluelightning

    Anyone Have One Piece Forged Wheels with 315 or wider Tires?
  15. Bluelightning

    How normal is blueish smoke on revs or startup?

    Blue smoke is definitely oil burning. Car should not have been CPO if it had a tune on it when they took it in. The tune should have voided the warranty.
  16. Bluelightning

    Which drop springs with blower setup?

    I did Steeda Minimum drop. Was perfect on my 18 with the Whipple.
  17. Bluelightning

    Oil Filter/Track Day Mishap

    Do not torque your filter on your PP2 GT to the GT350 spec. It is not the same.
  18. Bluelightning

    Oil Filter/Track Day Mishap

    The GT is different from the GT350.
  19. Bluelightning

    Is it me? Have used GT350 price jumped up lately?

    I bought my '17 in February. I was looking for lightning blue, and found one on a BMW dealer's used lot. Picked it up with 2,092 miles for mid 40K. I've been looking at prices since then, and thinking I got a pretty good deal rather than waiting...