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  1. mdmoore23

    The last production 2020 GT500 was just built: pictures!

    The cars in dealer stock are going to have a markup. Those are typically msrp orders that a customer backed out on, and of course once it becomes dealer stock in the current market the dealer is going to slap an ADM on it. Almost all the people that ordered the C8 paid sticker price.
  2. mdmoore23

    I just picked up a 2020 GT500... My dad had to get one too!

    Dad is gonna have a pretty rare car there. Is there any more to this story. Why in the world would they let him have that car for $5k off? Don't mean to be a skeptic, but a base car with painted stripes is pretty rare.
  3. mdmoore23

    2020 Rapid Red GT500 at dealer in NJ

    It actually makes perfect sense if you follow the vehicles. 1LT, 2LT, and 3LT are just levels of interiors, not actually part of the Vehicle name itself. For all intents and purposes it's just a Corvette Z51. I just wish we could have more options on our $80k-$110k GT500's.
  4. mdmoore23

    New 6 mo old at dealer w/15k ADM

    Not every dealer is firm on their adm. It never hurts to try. I got mine for $5k over but the dealer had it listed for $20k over.
  5. mdmoore23

    2021 Track Attack Registration Open

    I just called on my own. It was awesome. It was much more than I expected, even though we didn't get to do the drag race portion.
  6. mdmoore23

    New GT500 coming in

    If it's Koons, there's likely some adm involved. But, the msrp deals you speak of are few and far between on GT500's, especially when people are looking for specific colors and options.
  7. mdmoore23

    Ford Predator V8 Replacement Long-Block Engine Costs

    I thought that seemed low. I think I remember the Terminator engine being around $20k back in 2003.
  8. mdmoore23

    CFTP Springs

    Anyone have pictures?
  9. mdmoore23

    Ford Announces GT500 Program for Model Years 2021 and 2022

    The production thing is a give and take. Dodge increasing production in 2016 was a reason many of the dealers had to stop the adm practices so soon. 2015 was crazy if you wanted a Hellcat. I have a 500 now and do desire to see production stay controlled, but it sucks when you're on the hunt for...
  10. mdmoore23

    Poll on happiness or unhappiness of your 2020 GT500

    I haven't found any serious flaws to date, but I did find some stuff initially that should've been caught. My hood and/or one of the fenders is slightly misaligned and the carpet by the drivers door was not tucked under the plastic door sill trim completely. I also have a wheel that has a mark...
  11. mdmoore23

    Hardwiring Radar detector into power Mirror - I've got questions

    I used these exact wires on my GT500. The wire colors are still the same.
  12. mdmoore23

    Another supercharger cooling line routed incorrectly?

    I work in a production environment where we do quality checks. I wouldn't even consider our products to be as critical as vehicles, so I can't imagine how stuff like this is making it out of FRAP. I haven't found many serious issues on my GT500 fortunately, but have found a few that shouldn't...
  13. mdmoore23

    From ZL1 to L2702

    Oh wow, I didn't realize you picked yours up from there. I recognize the building now after looking back through your hurricane story. They had some serious GT500 allocations for this model year. Glad to know I did business with some stand up people.
  14. mdmoore23

    From ZL1 to L2702

    I had an A10
  15. mdmoore23

    From ZL1 to L2702

    I agree with all that. I searched out one without the Recaros because I have been used to having my butt heated and cooled for too long.
  16. mdmoore23

    From ZL1 to L2702

    Thank you.. Red is my favorite color on cars. And red cars with a lot of black accents take it up another notch to me. I had a '13 in the same color scheme.
  17. mdmoore23

    From ZL1 to L2702

    There definitely is a little more special feeling about this car. My only gripe with this car is that it's missing a few creature comforts vs. the ZL1 and the price difference. You gotta pay to play though, right?
  18. mdmoore23

    From ZL1 to L2702

    PM sent
  19. mdmoore23

    From ZL1 to L2702

    I sure will.
  20. mdmoore23

    From ZL1 to L2702

    I just realized this a few days ago. I have to say the ZL1 up to this point, but I'm sure the GT500 will take that spot as I get more seat time.