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  1. BluByeU

    Strange request from the Ford dealership

    I hear ya and agree. I just "tamed" down my exhaust 2 weeks ago, loving it! No more violent cold start-ups and drone was minimized a lot. To the non-automotive types it's still loud. A couple of days ago I'm out running errands, windows down (SoCal) and a GT350 pulls up alongside me and he...
  2. BluByeU

    ngauge out of business??

    Found this re the nGauge on Palm Beach Dyno's FB page yesterday, below quote is from Ken Bjonnes: Don't Sweat It! We purchased as many leftover nGauge parts as we could and plan to support the device for quite some time. We have a large stock of spare boards, screens, cables and mounting cups...
  3. BluByeU

    Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    I think you misspelled FACEbook :)
  4. BluByeU

    Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Wooooow! This thing is going to be a work of art @Jmeo
  5. BluByeU

    What did you name your Mustang?

    My wife named my car, she calls it the Blue Bitch because I am always wiping on it, rubbing it, and cleaning something on the call ALL the time. So to her my car is my mistress, aka the Blue Bitch!
  6. BluByeU

    ngauge out of business??

    Unfortunately this is my situation, I'm sure a company will come to the rescue for those of us currently using the nGague .
  7. BluByeU

    Header help!

    For a couple of years I ran catless headers, X-Pipe, 2 bullet resonators and MBRP race axle-back. 2 weeks ago I removed the MBRP axle-back and replaced it w/Flowtech axle-back. No more raspy sound and drone was just about eliminated. IMO it's your MBRP street axle-back system. The magnaflow...
  8. BluByeU

    If you could have any - one - car, what would it be and why did you choose it?

    1967 Corvette w/the 427 BBC or late-model Chevy engine. This particular '67 has the fenders widened a bit.
  9. BluByeU

    ngauge out of business??

    This would be ideal, hope it comes to fruition.
  10. BluByeU

    Flowtech axle-back exhaust

    Today I removed my MBRP race mufflers and their accompanying exhaust pipe. I replaced it with a Flowtech axel-back. The MBRP set-up with catless headers, X-pipe and resonators was ok. It droned a bit and could be raspy at times, but would scream in the upper RPMs. The Flowtechs are a true...
  11. BluByeU

    '16 GT, sleeved Predator and F1A94

    Can't wait, always look forward to reading the updates. Keep at it man - this is one baaaad biotch!
  12. BluByeU

    First 2021 GT500 Info Leaks

    Shelby American Las Vegas
  13. BluByeU

    '16 GT, sleeved Predator and F1A94

    Sub'd, awesome build and nbrs!
  14. BluByeU

    2021 GT500: Manual Trans Option?

    The GT500 is DCT only. The GT350 is manual only. That's the way it is. Make a choice that suits your needs and enjoy it. This should end the thread, but it won't lol. Enthusiasts of the Blue oval clearly have a choice, either the manual-only GT350, which is a great car or the DCT GT500 which...
  15. BluByeU

    Built coyote block

    Looks like the OP has been banned.
  16. BluByeU

    2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Blows Engine While Racing on Public Roads

    Mods for the love of God, pleeease close this thread!
  17. BluByeU

    2nd Blown Modified GT500? This time it's Stangmode with Hulk!

    Yep saw them earlier...the word "woooow" comes to mind :shock:
  18. BluByeU

    2nd Blown Modified GT500? This time it's Stangmode with Hulk!

    Insert could purchase a brand new GT for that amount of $ or less, albeit not a GT500, but still. I use to follow StangMode on YT, but once he was in the market for a GT500 and after he acquired it, I saw thru his BS, i.e. clickbait vids and dropped him like a hot potato.
  19. BluByeU

    How wrong is it to drive hard after cold start?

    This is my routine, I wait until the (((oil gauge))) says the engine is warm before I row thru the gears.