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  1. Help on New Engine or Buyback!

    Keep in mind they have bui;t Well depending on who installs it and their rate the labor can really add up.
  2. End of production of Shelby GT350/R after 2020. Will resale price climb?

    I saw values last year of some 16's in the high 30's and some 17's in the low $40's. I almost bought a 2017 late last year that had 5xxx miles and they wanted $42K for it. Clean title no accidents. Needed a set of new rear tires (which the seller said he would cover) and that was it...
  3. End of production of Shelby GT350/R after 2020. Will resale price climb?

    Well Covid has wrecked havoc on the new/used market right now and we are clearly in a bubble. So it's too early to tell what will happen to resale value once the bubble subsides but my personal opinion is Ford made a lot of these cars. Maybe if you have an R in a particular color/spec with...
  4. Ford... What is your problem? GT500 owners, you need to read these quality control issues...

    This is just all very unacceptable. It's not like the OP is being overly picky, these are some legitimate issues. The overall build quality of my 18 GT350 was good (not great). I had a sagging bumper that I had to have fixed, and some of the usual panel gap issues that plague the S550, but I...
  5. Looking for thoughts/opinions/advice on GT350 purchase

    The last three sports cars I have bought were all used low mileage that I saved huge money on. Not one issue. All of them have warranties if there are issues. I just don't buy the scare tactic that if you don't buy it new the car may be tainted. There are plenty of people who bought brand...
  6. Looking for thoughts/opinions/advice on GT350 purchase

    Why would you store a car you are making payments on? If you have the money and means than you should buy the car and drive it. If you are stretching yourself financially for this car then you should not be buying it. It's really a toy.
  7. Used 2016 GT350, yay or nay?

    Well we have a minivan and a Jeep Wrangler too. But my kids like to ride in the GT350 on short quick trips. I agree though, if I was hauling kids on a regular basis this would not be the car for me. I owned two BMW's and had lots of issues with both. Water pumps, radiators, electronic...
  8. Used 2016 GT350, yay or nay?

    Your options are limited. The M2C (BMW) would be right up there for me, but it's BMW. GT350, Camaro 6th gen (SS1LE, ZL1, etc), are some of the only cars that come to mind with "backseats" and a manual. Obviously there are cars like the Civic Type R, Subaru STI, BRZ, etc. All have backseats...
  9. Used 2016 GT350, yay or nay?

    I remember seeing Florida talked about on a forum. I know in my state I can buy anywhere including online. Will see if I can find more info.
  10. Used 2016 GT350, yay or nay?

    I wouldn't wait until the last minute, but I have not personally seen extended warranties being more expensive if you wait. The key is shopping around online (there are a few states that won't let you buy an extended warranty out of state I believe).
  11. A pillar madness. Can't re-install.

    That should help, I used a trim tool on mine and didn't have any issues. If I remember correctly when I installed the A pillar trim in mine I had to turn it so it was facing more into the center of the car at an angle and then once it's inserted I raised it up and twisted towards the A pillar...
  12. A pillar madness. Can't re-install.

    I watched some Youtube videos and there is a technique you use to put them back in. This video has some guidance:
  13. Used 2016 GT350, yay or nay?

    When did you get the quotes? Prices have really shot up over the last 6 weeks or so. Also try KBB. They will offer you cash offers, and usually are pretty close to the KBB estimate. Also Carmax if you have one nearby. I have heard people getting $48-50K for used 17-18’s there recently but...
  14. Steeda two point g trac brace...worth getting?

    S Awesome. It took me about 10 days to get the shipping notice from Steeda, I think these companies are busy right now and Covid has been delaying things too depending on where you live.
  15. Used 2016 GT350, yay or nay?

    What is the price of the car before taxes, fees, etc? I think people here see $49K but may not realize that $3-5K of that could be taxes, fees, extra warranty, etc.
  16. Steeda two point g trac brace...worth getting?

    I just did it recently and it definitely reduced tramline. Very noticeable for me I would say 50-70% reduction. I only drive in sport or track mode and I am on stock PSS tires. When I put winter tires on my car tramline was gone. So the brace may not be worth it if you switch to a less...
  17. GT350 CPO Questions

    If you buy another car and add an extended Ford warranty it will cost you a couple grand. So you could probably argue this car is closer to $55Kish unless you don't care about the extended Ford Warranty when buying used. For the rest of the car it seems like you should be able to negotiate...
  18. Is it me? Have used GT350 price jumped up lately?

    100% agree. Not to mention trade wars with China. Price of goods will continue to go up along with everything else. We have been riding a wave of cheap oil prices too but that wont last forever. It's an election year with a lot going on, but I have been trying to pay off debt as fast as I...
  19. Is it me? Have used GT350 price jumped up lately?

    Not where I live (CT) our housing values keep dropping. I blame taxes and people leaving the state. But my bro-in-law paid high $500's for a house 4 years ago in Utah and there was a bidding war and he sold it for over $700K. $200K increase in less than 4 years. Crazy.