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  1. MidwayJ

    Konis or Bilsteins?

    I have had Bilstein rear shocks installed with BMR minimum drop springs on my '19 GT for about 3 months. Over harsh surfaces and small sharp bumps at slower speeds the ride is a little stiffer than stock. However, over more significant bumps the car feels more controlled. At highway speeds the...
  2. MidwayJ

    Wheel fitment. Help

    Why would he consider spacers? With +20 offset his front wheels will sit 15mm further out than yours, and his +35 offset rear wheels will sit about 4mm further out than yours (taking into account your wider wheels).
  3. MidwayJ

    Wheel fitment. Help

    Agree with the previous reply. You also asked about spacers. With those offsets (+20 front, +35 rear) you will not need spacers.
  4. MidwayJ

    Looking to get 19 or 20 inch wheels. Cons and pros

    That's true, but some are interested in keeping the overall tire diameter closer to stock so it doesn't impact the speedo so much and make the car accelerate slower. A 315/35r20 tire is more than 1 inch taller than most stock setups. But it does look good the way it fills the wheel gap, and it...
  5. MidwayJ

    Decisions... Advice and suggestions needed

    You definitely don't want +25 offset in the rear. That would poke too much even with no spacers. I would take a look at these since they're designed with offsets that fit well and are pretty light due to flow formed construction.
  6. MidwayJ

    Can someone explain tire specs for me?

    Let's just focus on one thing. The aspect ratio ("30" or "35" in your case) means the sidewall is 30% or 35% of the width. So your 285/35 front tire has a sidewall height of 99.75 mm and your 305/35 rear has a sidewall height of 106.75 mm. A 315/30 tire has a sidewall height of 94.5 mm, so you...
  7. MidwayJ

    Pirelli to Michelin AS3s anyone

    It's those P-Zeros. When I bought my GT the deal included swapping the wheels and tires from the V6 I traded in. The service department was closed that day, though, so I drove with the stock wheels and tires for a day. I noticed the 235/50/18s wanted to tramline some, which surprised me. After...
  8. MidwayJ

    Wheels for my 2020 EcoBoost

    I suspect what the eBay seller has is Ford Performance PP2 replicas.
  9. MidwayJ

    Wheels for my 2020 EcoBoost

    If those are PP2 wheels, the fronts are 10.5 inches wide with +24 offset, not 9.5 with +40 offset as apparently was represented to the OP.
  10. MidwayJ

    The big S550 end of generation thread

    I know a few GT350 owners. One has had engine failures in two of them. He now has a GT500 so hopefully his luck will get better. :) Another guy is having his engine rebuilt since Ford wouldn't replace it. This gives me a bad impression but it's a small sample size so probably not representative.
  11. MidwayJ

    2020 Mustang GT - Curated Mods

    Good mod list. I would do the wheels and catback right away for looks and sound. For what it's worth, when you do get to suspension I found the CB005 does help with wheel hop.
  12. MidwayJ

    How many GTs are Owned by Seniors?

    It's a good engine and I had a lot of fun with that car. But I have 460 hp now. :)
  13. MidwayJ

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Swapped out the OEM auto shifter.
  14. MidwayJ

    Need help with tires for 19x9.5" wheels

    The 19x9.5 wheels that come with the Ecoboost HPP with handling package have 265/40 tires. I can understand why you would want wider, though.
  15. MidwayJ

    Help! Show me pictures please: 285/35R19 with BMR SP763 springs or other minimal drop springs

    This is BMR 763 with 275/40r19 all around. 285/35r19 will give you about 1/2 inch more wheel gap.
  16. MidwayJ

    wheel offset help needed

    Most who want aftermarket wheels are trying to get away from stock wheel and tire sizes determined to a great extent by cost açcountants. And stock wheel offsets give you that pushed in look most don't want.
  17. MidwayJ

    Thought this was a Mustang forum?

    Given the S550 has been around for 6 years, the topic of the vehicle S550 owners might trade for next doesn't seem out of place to me. Some people get restless and bored with what they have, even when it's excellent.
  18. MidwayJ

    Need input on no drone exhausts.

    Maybe 3 inch Vibrant resonators right after the X-pipe? Haven't used them myself but have seen them recommended to reduce volume and rasp.
  19. MidwayJ

    how wide of a tire can I put on a 9" rim?

    "What is the widest tire I can fit on ___ wheel?" The frequency this question is asked says it all. Looks over everything else. :)