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  1. Johnnybee

    Convertible Windscreen alternative, courtesy of Audi!

    Was out for a top down drive last weekend with my wife (who asked if it was okay to put the top down). It was 3C (37F). Quite comfortable, and didn’t notice any looks!
  2. Johnnybee

    Dash cameras for convertibles.

    I have been looking off and on for the past two years without much success. I think you have two choices, either an exterior rear mounted camera, which would likely require drilling, either for the camera or wires or both, or creating a mount at the back seat, which would limit the rear view, at...
  3. Johnnybee

    Digital Instrument Cluster in Convertible --- Readable in Sun Glare?

    I find that unless the sun is directly over my shoulder the dash is very legible. Even in the aforementioned scenario, the dash is not completely washed out, just tougher to read.
  4. Johnnybee

    Sticky gunk on windows...from the conv top?

    NP. please update the thread as you resolve. I am curious as to what the outcome will be.
  5. Johnnybee

    Sticky gunk on windows...from the conv top?

    I use 303 Fabric Guard on my top without incident. I only go to the edge of the top and never treat the very leading edge at the seal. I’m not sure what it would do to the rubber seal if it came in contact with it. You may want to visit their website and inquire if it can perish rubber. It does...
  6. Johnnybee

    Sticky gunk on windows...from the conv top?

    I have not experienced this, although I do get a dirt trail at that location between washes. What rubber lining are you talking about? The seal across the top of the windshield frame? Have you determined where this is coming from. Is the seal deteriorating, I.e., is it “gooey” at all, or is it...
  7. Johnnybee

    Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Never really liked the Camaro styling when they brought it back, or any iteration since. The Mustang just looks better, top up or down. I will give the Camaro points for the top mechanism, I do like the power tonneau, however, this is offset by the small and variable trunk space.
  8. Johnnybee


    I usually check on the weekend after it sits overnight. Just pull it, no need to double dip as virtually all oil splash will have drained off.
  9. Johnnybee

    How many of you have NEVER owned a Mustang previously?

    First Mustang. But for awhile I did own a “British Corvette”, a 1980 Triumph TR8 convertible.
  10. Johnnybee

    Real quick question to the A10 people who use the paddles.

    Yep, I just got trapped by that too. In any event, I don’t paddle very often but when I do I tap as the tach reaches 4 grand, which in the normal mode on the digital dash is at 12 o’clock, which is visually good for my peripheral vision. It revs a bit past due to the lag, which I figure is about...
  11. Johnnybee


    I have taken my car to Brampton three or four times, on top of driving up 410 more than several times on the way to The Forks of the Credit. I cannot tell you how much that heightens my defensive driving vigilance, basically off the scale!
  12. Johnnybee

    moving up north from down south

    A friend of mine who moved from here to CA long ago posted a picture on Facebook this week of a sand snow man on the beach. I suggested that if the US ever got around to annexing Canada that I would show up in San Diego about a week later, with all my worldly goods following in a big truck. I am...
  13. Johnnybee

    Selectable Steering Modes (Normal, Sport & Comfort) All seem Stiff

    I’ve never noticed much difference. I used comfort a couple of times and it barely made a difference, maybe you only really notice it at slow speeds, like parking.
  14. Johnnybee

    Rear facing car seat help needed

    The couple of times my grandson rode in the back I put the seat in without the base. I found that the base also moved the seat forward and interfered with the passenger seat even more. Mind you, it would be a pain not having the convenience of the base doing it daily. I also dropped the top to...
  15. Johnnybee

    Summary of 2021 Ford Mustang Changes: There’s good news and bad news

    I didn’t have a problem with the as delivered quality of the paint, it’s the apparent ease with which it leaves the car. I refer to it as my chip magnet. It had more chips after a year than my outgoing 2010 Sonata had at trade in.
  16. Johnnybee


    Just curious which model number of Quick Jack you went with. The 5000 seems to be a little to close to the weight of my convertible for my liking.
  17. Johnnybee

    Sticky Top

    Thanks, that converts to just under CDN$6K, which is around the low end of what I thought it would be here.
  18. Johnnybee

    Mustang V6 convertible (2015) MyKey

    You may want to post this in the general forum, you may get more responses.
  19. Johnnybee

    Mustang V6 convertible (2015) MyKey

    Okay. Well unless someone else advises my comments are offside, I think you’re stuck with the dealer solution.
  20. Johnnybee

    Mustang V6 convertible (2015) MyKey

    I may be wrong but I think you are stuck with the dealer to program a new key to the car. Could the $250 the dealer quoted be a new key, programming same and undoing the MyKey on the existing key?