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  1. dpAtlanta

    Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    I couldn't imagine never being able to hear an exhaust note from a Mustang... and I certainly would never make fun of someone who can't.
  2. dpAtlanta

    Debating between GT350R and ZL1 1LE. Thoughts?

    Head2Head did a comparison on these two... the 350R won (in their opinion). I can't find the "Head2Head" on YouTube, but I found it on Roku and others. It was a very good comparison. Hope this helps...!!!
  3. dpAtlanta

    A Little COVID-19 Humor (No Politics Please!)

    Thanks for your service to our country my friend...!!!!
  4. dpAtlanta

    What Songs make you want to drive fast ?

    Sure wish you had the video still... I’m sure it would be entertaining to say the least!
  5. dpAtlanta

    What Songs make you want to drive fast ?

    You got me Mik... and I had the Kung Foo Fighting 45...!
  6. dpAtlanta

    What Songs make you want to drive fast ?

    For the young minds... Carl Douglas = “Kung Fu Fighting”... still in the dark? if so, you’re too young.
  7. dpAtlanta

    What Songs make you want to drive fast ?

    Wow... no Carl Douglas?????? Doesn’t make me want to speed, but how can music be discussed with mentioning Carl?
  8. dpAtlanta

    Mecum Auction - Kissimmee

    That 1965 GT350 sold for $455,000.00. I did the math... in 2077, my 2019 GT350 will be worth $7,406,000.00 ! How? The sticker price for a 1965 GT350 was $4311.00. My OEM sticker with tax was close to $70,000.00 It's a simple ratio of old vs. new: 455,000/4311 = X/70,000 X = 7,406,000 It took...
  9. dpAtlanta

    Mecum Auction - Kissimmee

  10. dpAtlanta

    other hobbies/passions other than the mustang?

    Pictures if possible! I did the same in the late 70's.
  11. dpAtlanta

    Gave her racing stripes

    The non-symmetrical stripe is unique, and it is true to the OEM stripe. My wife really does not like the logo in my grill because it is NOT centered... she also commented on the non-symmetrical stripes like yours. I like them both, and I like the symmetrical stripes on mine and the centered pony...
  12. dpAtlanta

    New to the forum

    Welcome Kevin & congrats... you will never get tired of the noise that comes from this VooDoo. We have followed a similar path it seems... my last mustang was also an '03 Cobra. The '03 had an x-pipe with 2-chamber flow masters, and I never thought I would get a better exhaust note ever! Boy was...
  13. dpAtlanta

    Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    Confused... nothing mean said (read disclaimer). Here is the Disclaimer in bold text: IDIOT DISCLAIMER I’m a fellow IDIOT... we did good
  14. dpAtlanta

    Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    If serious... Ouch. If in jest... we have great cars my friend,
  15. dpAtlanta

    Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    I believe you nailed it Rich. when I bought my Shelby with Recaro seats I was 5’- 8” @ 185 lbs. and the seats were a bit snug. I lost weight and am currently @ 150 lbs. and the seats have a bit of slop now. Need to gain weight for Recaro Safety Reasons to get back to 165 lbs. Pass me the beer...
  16. dpAtlanta

    Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    Performance Blue with white stripes.... YUCK...!!!! Only an idiot would pick that color combo! IDIOT DISCLAIMER I’m a fellow IDIOT... we did good!
  17. dpAtlanta

    My fav gt 350 / 350r clips

    Nothing beat this guys... SORRY!!! I mean I win BIG Time... this is the ultimate Shelby exhaust video...!
  18. dpAtlanta

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I totally understand Ray... my longest trip for a short distance was the Kroger near my house that I have walked to and carried multiple bags home. Go to Kroger in the Shelby on a perfect weather day... depart the house and head to Kroger... 75 miles later I pull into the parking lot. Did this...
  19. dpAtlanta

    Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    Clarification on the seat description: Recaro vs. comfort seats: Recaro: Comfort Seats This should be painfully obvious... but apparently is isn't... hope this helps...!!!! Just trying to help! I don't know who makes the "comfort seat", "sofa seat", "can't fit into the Recaro seats", "how...