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  1. FruityJudy

    Car will not stay running

    Just had the same issue as the OP. Been on e85r. 50 miles to E. Swapped to FF. Car would start and sputter out. After about 8 starts I reloaded E85r tune and started right up.
  2. FruityJudy

    What Songs make you want to drive fast ?

    Santa Monica - Everclear
  3. FruityJudy

    Current situation

    A friend of mine sent this to me. It is somewhat funny but very accurate to say the least.
  4. FruityJudy

    Shopping for cold air intake

    Tune vs no tune cai. What most people think it means: No tune = no more fuel needed due to lack of additional air flow vs tune meaning additional fuel needed due to so much air flow increase. If you have a carburetor then this is the case but when you have a MAF sensor using a formula to...
  5. FruityJudy

    Active exhaust replacement

    Yes it can. May I ask why??? But you can tie up your exhaust valve actuators and leave them plugged in so you dont get any faults if you do replace with a non active
  6. FruityJudy

    OPG Needed on 2020 Models

    They can still fail. Bouncing off the rev limiter seems to strengthen your chances of failure. More cars running without upgraded gears than with
  7. FruityJudy

    why does everyone want to spin the coyote up to 8000 plus?

    With gt350 manifold or what? I dont see too many wanting that
  8. FruityJudy

    Ceramic Coating (Detail shop or by myself)?

    Idk about my car but my wife doesnt like when i use dawn in the dishwasher
  9. FruityJudy

    Different F and R rolling diameters - anyone know why?

    Your front and rears are backwards. 275 rear, 255 front
  10. FruityJudy

    Mustang Clubs in Panama City?
  11. FruityJudy

    Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

  12. FruityJudy

    Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Because Im heterosexual
  13. FruityJudy

    Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    Takes up 4 spaces but parks by the buggy rack.....
  14. FruityJudy

    Built coyote block

    Lol idk why he would get banned?? He just in my opinion worries too much to enjoy a boosted car setup
  15. FruityJudy

    Built coyote block

    Yeah I have seen this guys threads. Not being a smartass but I think this guy is too paranoid to drive a boosted/modified car
  16. FruityJudy

    7.85 @174 1/4mile with my 10r80

    What was the ruby red mustang running? Looked like it one the one race
  17. FruityJudy

    Factory narrower tires seems to hook better...

    Your 305/35 or 30s have a larger contact patch than 275/40s. It may not be quite as long but the width is more mm. than you lose length wise. *&This is true at correct air pressures.