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    Canada - Ontario SVE R350 RIMS + TIRES (Rear Only)

    Price? Do you have any actual pics of the wheels?
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    Air Tube Delete

    The airbox mouth (where it transitions from the box to the round tube) is larger. The tube after the MAF to the TB is also larger, but the rectangular part itself (both top and bottom) are exactly the same. 15-17 guys swap the whole top of the airbox because it's all one molded unit. You can'...
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    Slow GT 0-60 Time? (15-17 Manual GT 5.0)

    A manual car is only as fast as the driver can slip the clutch and shift. If you shift slow, your time to 60 will be slow. Most likely the 0-60 adverstised time was in an automatic with the help of an unlocked torque converter and launch control.
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    Konis or Bilsteins?

    Bilsteins 100%
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    hey GT350 owners . I'm getting the Mach 1. Is the Tremac that much better than the MT 82. I've read of some problems with the Tremac as well.

    The new manual (which is the buttery smooth unit from the GT350) is great and much better than the GT unit, but in terms of straight line performance it doesn't hold a candle to the automatic. We can't tell you what you will enjoy more, it's up to you whether you want a slower but more fun...
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    aluminator with a supercharger

    Instead of looking a static compression, look at dynamic compression. With the high tuneability of the cams you don't need to hamper yourself with a low SCR motor just to be safe.
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    Pirelli to Michelin AS3s anyone

    You can hear your tires over your exhaust or stereo?
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    Pirelli to Michelin AS3s anyone

    Agree. No reason for 255s to tramline, as mentioned my 285s don't unless the roads are really bad or the alignment is way off.
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    Pirelli to Michelin AS3s anyone

    I am very impressed with the Michelin all seasons, great traction in dry cold pavement and decent in the snow. Amazing wet capabilities though due to the many channels. Not much tramlining even with 285s up front. Rears I run 325s so may be why I get good dry traction, not sure what size you're...
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    Corsa Performance Cold Air Intake 2018+ Mustang GT

    Thank you. Interesting baseline numbers, 385 seems a bit weak for a Gen 3. Most I've seen are in the low 400s bone stock.
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    Corsa Performance Cold Air Intake 2018+ Mustang GT

    Pics of the before and after dyno?
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    Mustang GT Stock Intercooler. Worth Replacing?

    Warranties don't get voided, they get denied. If you replace those 2 items, then Roush/Ford may deny warranty if they fail. However, the rest of the warranty for unrelated items will still remain, they can't void your engine warranty for replacing the radiator. What might happen though is if...
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    Wheels for my 2020 EcoBoost

    Front offset is fine, the rears might be a tad pokey. But what are is the bolt-pattern and hub bore on those wheels?
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    2017 GT Base Performance Pack?

    IMO sounds like a base car with the performance pack option. Definitely not a premium, even if it has leather seats. I don't know of anyone taking out their 8" screen for the 4". But I would expect to see guys with cloth seats upgrade to leather ones.
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    RE71R's or something else for summer daily driving/track days?

    You don't really want to daily RE71Rs, IMO it's a complete waste. They would be nice for a track set, but on the street way overkill and they wear out very quickly. If you want the most longevity on the street, while still being good on track your best bet is the Hankook RS4. I personally...
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    It’s coming... 3 States have now banned future combustion engine car sales

    But I don't concede that notion. Clean power is 37.2% currently, far from "mostly". And out of that 37.2% less than half that (17.6%) is actual clean, renewable energy. 2/3rds of electricity in the US is fossil fuels (mainly natural gas and coal). And based on your next statement, by countries...
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    It’s coming... 3 States have now banned future combustion engine car sales

    That's fair, but it still doesn't address the main issue in that there are "emissions" being generated to generate electricity aka electric vehicles ain't "clean". Governments are also putting alot of subsidies and restrictions in reducing emissions for ICE engines. That's what bugs
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    It’s coming... 3 States have now banned future combustion engine car sales

    I'm not saying they are dirty perse, but when you are burning a fossil fuel to get electricity it's not any cleaner than burning another fossil fuel for internal combustion engines. Climate change is not just in the US, climate change is in the whole world. So just because the US has clean...
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    why does everyone want to spin the coyote up to 8000 plus?

    And if you want to get even deeper, you calculate and average out the hp in your range. For example, if you shift at 7500 and it drops you to 5000 in the next gear, then find out what the average hp is in that range. Next you calculate the average hp if you were to shift at 7600 and drop you to...
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    RSR R703 Cast wheels

    Cast wheels Heavy as shit (35lbs) Too big (21") No name tires All that for $1700? Not for me. You can get quality OEM GT350 wheels for that price with much better tires, or if you want get proper aftermarket flow-forged lightweight wheels for the same price.