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  1. GT350R Stripe Re-Do

    I'd pull them off. Stripe-less Oxford is the best look IMO.
  2. Suggestions on brakes for a PP1 Mustang?

    Bite is much less than the stock pads and they will fade sooner. Z26 is street-only.
  3. Predictions on performance

    Ford has said that. Look at the GT500. The advantage with Cup2s is their lateral grip.
  4. Predictions on performance

    Cup 2's aren't going to be faster in a straight line than the PS4s
  5. Suggestions on brakes for a PP1 Mustang?

    Less performance than stock. And no idea how OP is getting fade from stock PP pads with street driving.
  6. Rock chip touch up

    Get the touch up paint from ford and watch the AMMO NYC video on paint touch up using a syringe and blunt tip needle. Know that it isn't going to look perfect so you dont drive yourself crazy, but you will prevent oxidation, which is the main goal. Just did this on mine before coating the car.
  7. 2021 Build and Price

    It is inexcusable that Ford doesn't even list the Mustang as a 2021 model on the NA website.
  8. Suggestions on brakes for a PP1 Mustang?

    You're gonna have to pick between the two. There isn't a do everything perfectly pad. Street or track driving?
  9. 2021 configurator???

    Lol 2021 models will start being delivered in March. If Ford can find a way to screw something up, they will.
  10. Pete Brock GT350 HEP Stripe Re-Design

    IMO if you're keeping the side stripes the font should match the modern GT350 design of the emblem.
  11. Please clarify — Is the Mach 1 a product from Ford Performance? Or designated as a regular Ford product? -Anyway, I ordered one.

    Or maybe it is and Ford just really doesn't want to sell the car. Hard to tell by their repeated terrible decision-making. Jan 10th and the US still doesn't have build and price up
  12. 2021 Mach 1 Colors Thread

    Rip those stickers off and that Oxford would be my spec
  13. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    Already building them and Ford can't even get Build and Price up on the website. Ridiculous.
  14. Car soap/shampoo etc

    Been alternating full washes and rinseless. Rinseless ONR. Traditional soap: CG Honeydew Snow Foam, Megs Gold Class, or Adams. all work fine.
  15. 2021 GT

    For me it was a constant source of disappointment and frustration. I prefer the auto between the two.
  16. What's so Special about a California???????

    I liked the CA special grille on the S197, but it just doesn't work on the S550. Also the scoops and stripes are awful.
  17. 2021 GT

    If you haven't driven an MT-82 make sure you do before buying. It was an expensive lesson to trade in after 3k miles in my case. I'd only buy the Mach 1 with the Tremec if I was going back to a stick.
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Brother I'm glad you're ok, but you should delete your posts in this thread until everything is settled through your insurance company.