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  1. Rare problem: 5th/6th gear bucking/surging and cruise control not working

    Wow, well I just had a failed clutch/flywheel and trans as well to accompany the surging issue. Shitty Ford did not cover my failed clutch and gave me a bill for $2900 (I did get the parts for under half that at least)...
  2. Vorshlag vs Steeda camber plates

    I have steeda and got to -3.1 without cutting but touching the tower edge. unless you are trailering your car to events and not doing road miles, I can’t imagine needing more than -3.1 with R cup 2 tires. That said, with 102y cup 2 I was still able to kill the outside first with -3.1, but that...
  3. IS this cup 2 tire corded ?

    Ya, 5 track days and those miles is all you can hope for out of front cup 2’s. With the Porsche spec 102y your tread will get you to at least 8 track days (albeit a little more $ but saves on extra mounting costs) on the fronts, and rears will last 8 days as well. But keep in mind a 5 session...
  4. IS this cup 2 tire corded ?

    you need to rotate front left and right after 2 track days. Front left wears much faster. Those are not actually corded yet, but probably will next track day and ruin part of your day so I would replace fronts. your rears are fine. As an FYI, I get 7 or 8 full track days before rears heat cycle...
  5. 2020 GT350 "track use" warranty exclusion

    Ford then should not advertise the Gt350 or gt500 as a track capable car, since they are saying when it breaks they won’t cover it with the warranty. Deceptive trade practice.
  6. 2020 GT350 "track use" warranty exclusion

    If you read later in my thread here, you will see my Ford friends and family rep threatened me about not coving my transmission due to my use on track...
  7. 2020 GT350 "track use" warranty exclusion

    Just to hold a spot, details and order banks are not open yet on the c8 z06. I’m number 8 now but have a connection that can help get me to the top when the order is placed. Chevy will honor warranties for track use, they get my business for track cars.
  8. 2020 GT350 "track use" warranty exclusion

    Yep, order placed here on 2022 c8 z06. Still may decide on gt3rs instead. The only reason I got my R new was bc I wanted a new car with new warranty for track use. Take that away and they lost a customer.
  9. No 2020 GT500 warranty for track use?

    I’ll happily pay $10k to have a clear as light full warranty coverage, no BS, for 8 years on a track car. Sure is better value for money over some painted stripes and “track pack” really meant for parking at cars and coffee to discuss how much your carbon wheels cost.
  10. No 2020 GT500 warranty for track use?

    Advertising a track car like Ford is doing and then taking away the warranty for using it as such (in boilerplate most don’t read) is fraud and deception.
  11. No 2020 GT500 warranty for track use?

    Wow, just read this entire thread. Here is my experience; my 2017 gt350R transmission failed at 9600 miles, and the clutch went out with it. Ford covered the trans but refused to cover the clutch, even though it was not worn, and instead failed... I track with a guy that helped design the gt350...
  12. Strong selling price for an R on Bring a Trailer

    Wow, that’s the same car i have (except mine is a 17) and more $ than I paid new at msrp before tax.
  13. Inner versus outer OEM front brake pads

    Keep in mind, at least my experience on track use, is that the inner front pads will wear faster than the outer (perhaps due to greater heat?) and as a result I have had a near bare inner pad while the outer pad just touched the squeal bar. of course, unless you like changing pads every 5...
  14. Swapping Cup2s for PS4S... in below freezing temps? bad idea?

    I have used cup 2 all winter in MI in 10-20 degree dry days and no issues. I have done track days where it was 38 degrees in the morning, no issues (besides zero grip for 3 good laps!). you will be fine driving to the dealer.
  15. Transmission failure at 9600 miles, lost reverse months ago and dealer says not warranty for clutch in pieces

    good idea. I’ll email the shop foreman about the concern. He is well aware as the jump cost them buying me a new carbon wheel when it did it to them first time starting it. Yes, 4.5 months in the shop this year (trans, clutch, starter, two coolant leaks/bursts, new wire harness, 2 ac...
  16. Transmission failure at 9600 miles, lost reverse months ago and dealer says not warranty for clutch in pieces

    Well, the second time I started the car up and eased into first, the car did not jump forward like before, so perhaps this was just a symptom of a 100% new clutch that needed a couple miles to break in? It scares me b/c I park in a tight spot sometimes, and if it does this again, I'll almost...
  17. Occasional rough idle, anyone else?

    Check the wires on top, look for breaks or splits. I think they are the ones that control the camshaft actuators. They sag from heat and break and when two of them broke on me, I got a rough idle.
  18. Transmission failure at 9600 miles, lost reverse months ago and dealer says not warranty for clutch in pieces

    Just got my car back, December 4th, after dropping if off August 24th... The good: Shifts buttery smooth now, no more fighting getting into first gear at a stop light. The bad: when starting the car, the car literally jumped forward 3 feet as I released the clutch. It acted like I was giving...
  19. Cracked R carbon wheel

    I've had the fun of a dead starter on my R too. They did replace that, under warranty, and they did ask if I wanted the old part back as the law requires: . I let them dispose of the...
  20. Cracked R carbon wheel

    And if my shop foreman is reading this thread (which I don’t doubt or care) then I do thank you for your hard work and sorry you are stuck in the middle a bit! As for the rest of the service I’ve received there in the 3.8 months of clocked service time in 2020...not so much!