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  1. MRR Wheels wants your Mustang !!

    Livernois will shoot mine again may 16th at their track day. There will also be a few professional photographers there
  2. Rare Shelby GT500KR Barn Find

    Unrestored boss 429 is upwards of a million dollar car. Show me one for 200k I'll start driving right now As an example, mecum has one on the block Unrestored boss 429 est 600k-750k right now.
  3. Rare Shelby GT500KR Barn Find

    If it's real. You guys are so far off its not funny. I know a guy that would give 80k for that in a second if it's ACTUALLY real Essentially and rare mustang don't go together 65 k code comes to mind. Essentially a 4 speed 289 solid cam. ???? Right? That's it? I have s real z28. Couldn't...
  4. BMR Suspension New Product Release - S550 Delrin Cradle Bushings (BK048)

    This is pretty simple. Delrin is a pretty common bushing material.
  5. 315/35/20 on 10.0 wheel

  6. MRR Wheels wants your Mustang !!

    Too bad on Cali. I am trying to sell my forgestars to get them brushed bad boys you posted. My car isn't stock in any way shape or form!
  7. 315/35/20 on 10.0 wheel

    My 315/35/20s don't look like the vossen car at all. 10.5 wheels too. Nitto invo's Edit: not that vossens look bad, but it has a big bulge
  8. Livernois Motorsports needs you!

    Oops forgot that part. Steeda springs, but I think I might be switching to bmr for a slight drop in the front
  9. Livernois Motorsports needs you!

    Forgestar f14 20x9.5 20x10.5 Whatever offset the wheel genius [email protected] sent me! Gloss gunmetal. Nitto 555 in front 275 's Nitto invo rears 315/35 Mickey Thompson 305/35 drag radials on the way.
  10. '15 Ecoboost vs 2012 Camaro SS

    Thought you got banned? Sup with that? Cool video
  11. Livernois Motorsports needs you!

  12. what to get

    Shelby Shit, it's not even a close comparison! Any one who says 15 gt over a 13/14 gt500 either: 1. Can't afford a gt500 2. Doesn't know what a gt500 is or is capable of 3. Lives in fantasy land 4. Likes to piss away money on a run of the mill, PLAIN mustang, that will be...
  13. 800hp vs 1400hp Halfshaft

    Buy once. No such thing as overkill in driveline. Without any doubt if you have a manual or a auto with a trans brake
  14. BMR Suspension New Product Release - Double Adjustable S550 Toe Rods (TR005)

    I was hoping this was PART ALWAYS covered up with a hand.. I got these already!
  15. *GetYourWheels* Shipment of the Day Showroom [Updated Daily]

    Fuck, I want them wheels
  16. What do your seats look like???

    Still the only one
  17. 800hp vs 1400hp Halfshaft

    It's $300, your in $1000 already. Silly to not get 1400 axles at that point. Now I could see it if it was $700 for the 800hp axles. But they aren't and at $1k + vs $1400+ Just get the 1400hp axles
  18. Vortech

    Badass kit!!!! And had the time to send me a box of goodies!?!? Supermen I tell you! Supermen!