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  1. jacknifetoaswan

    Active Exhaust Valves?

    I have the active exhaust mufflers, and the motors are wired and ready to install, but I just haven't had the time to wire them up, so the valves basically stay open via the simple use of friction. In certain instances, I've had one of the valves snap shut, in which case, I just use a long...
  2. jacknifetoaswan

    Amazon just started sharing your internet connection with your neighbors

    Yeah, absolutely. My wife bought an Alexa when they first came out. We used it at first, but when I started to see traffic while it was not in use, I refused to let it on my network. It's been sitting in my office closet for 2+ years. Now, I do use Google Home devices, and I'm ok with allowing...
  3. jacknifetoaswan

    Virginia 2020 PP1 New takeoff wheels and tires

    I got my PS4S from a member here with 100 miles on them for $800. That's a solid price. The wheels are probably worth $500. For whatever reason, the combo tends to go more cheaply than if they're separated. JR
  4. jacknifetoaswan

    BBK - frustrated

    Here's a direct link from Revan Racing (from whom I have never purchased and have no experience): Bob's product page is here: I bought my...
  5. jacknifetoaswan

    BBK - frustrated

    Is there a reason you want to use one from BBK or UPR, rather than a Bob's? I've had the Bob's for a few years now, and it's great. I'm actually going to be upgrading to the Ultimate in a few weeks, simply due to the fact that I want the nicer, braided hoses and AN fittings. JR
  6. jacknifetoaswan

    Resonator recommendations after Steeda H-Pipe

    I think people have been using Magnaflow straight through mufflers to drop the sound level. Maybe something like this: JR
  7. jacknifetoaswan


    You're probably better off just wrapping them. JR
  8. jacknifetoaswan

    2015 Mustang Backup Camera not functioning

    Thanks for linking the thread I created. I knew it would come in handy for someone! I was...too find it. JR
  9. jacknifetoaswan

    Intake Manifold Swap?

    There are a ton of posts about this around the forum. Do some searching. If you want a lot more torque, get a truck manifold. If you want max power, Cobra Jet. If you want the best of all worlds, ported 2018 manifold. JR
  10. jacknifetoaswan

    2015 Mustang Backup Camera not functioning

    How far did you go into the wiring harness? You need to check almost directly where the harness reaches the trunk lip. Open up the whole harness and look for wiring breaks. This is almost ALWAYS the issue with the camera, and it's very, very common. I put longer wires in place so it doesn't...
  11. jacknifetoaswan

    S550 may be eliminated sooner rather then later...

    No, it's not. If you turn off the auto function, it takes the inputs from the dash buttons or Sync "buttons" and translates it to a temp and fan setting. If you put it at 80 degrees and level 7 fan, it's going to blow hot air, fast. If you put it at 60 degrees and level 2 fan, it's going to...
  12. jacknifetoaswan

    S550 may be eliminated sooner rather then later...

    Well, then, you're using the auto features all wrong. Auto is for when the windows are up. There's a small sensor to the right of the steering wheel that checks interior temp. When the windows are down, the air is constantly changing, swirling, and mixing, and there's zero chance that the...
  13. jacknifetoaswan

    S550 may be eliminated sooner rather then later...

    The auto HVAC in my Mustang and my wife's Benz are both bang on, hot or cold. The Mustang takes a little while to build heat, because of the size of the engine, but if I set it at 72 degrees, in either car, under normal circumstances, it's 72 degrees. JR
  14. jacknifetoaswan

    S550 may be eliminated sooner rather then later...

    So here's the thing... The infotainment/navigation system already figures out the stops for you and optimizes your route based on charger availability. It's not going to send you to a Supercharger location that's full. There are also Superchargers all of the the place - 2000+ locations in the...
  15. jacknifetoaswan

    S550 may be eliminated sooner rather then later...

    You're absolutely right about availability. From what I can see, there are 16 or more chargers in various locations. There will definitely be a wait on crazy busy weekends, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc, but Tesla is a pretty smart company. If they see that the 16 chargers in a location...
  16. jacknifetoaswan

    S550 may be eliminated sooner rather then later...

    Agree 100% with you. I won't give up my Mustang, but would I drop my wife's Benz for a Model 3? Yup, and I'm trying to convince her. For our most likely long distance drive, which would be Charleston, SC to the Scranton, PA area, the distance is about 760 miles. At 32 MPG in the Benz, that's...
  17. jacknifetoaswan

    Are 2018 Injectors Worth Anything?

    I bought a 2018 GT manifold, and the seller included the fuel rail and injectors. Are they worth anything? For reference, these are the top injectors, not the DI injectors. JR
  18. jacknifetoaswan

    Am I the only one who doesn't get the fascination with old cars?

    Thanks. I took her to Cars and Coffee on Saturday. The guys that know, know. Everyone else just sees a mid-80s Camaro with racing stripes and some chrome under the hood. A few older guys came up to me and told me that they couldn't imagine the crap we (my FIL and I) went through to get that...
  19. jacknifetoaswan

    Am I the only one who doesn't get the fascination with old cars?

    I haven't had mine over 100, simply due to the fact that the tires are 20 years old. I'm going to put a new set on this winter. It tracks very straight, the steering is surprisingly good, and with the heavy engine, it has a really heavy duty suspension - Chevelle springs up front with a Ford 9"...