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  1. 10splaya22

    Painted on stripes 10k

    Have you considered the fact that maybe the availability of the stripe and CF track pack options are due to production constraints or capacity? Maybe the paint shop has a constraint on how many cars they can do per year or the CF wheel manufacturer can only produce so many wheels per year. I'm...
  2. 10splaya22

    Painted on stripes 10k

    Exactly. Ferrari charges $1700 for Ferrari shields on the fenders and $1200 for a horse stitched on the headrest. Porsche charges thousands for painted or leather vents. It's all relative. People can spend money on whatever they want.
  3. 10splaya22

    FORD Authority on the rotary shifter

    Because a sequential trans would not have good driveability...Think if you are cruising on the highway at 2k RPM's in 6th gear and you want to pass someone in 3rd. With a sequential you would have to wait for 3 shifts to happen vs a DCT which can skip from 6th to 3rd in one shift. DCT's have...
  4. 10splaya22

    line lock / missing rubber

    No one can tell you that. If you want you can measure the tread depth before and after and calculate it yourself. Too many variables at play...pavement condition, temperature, burnout time, vehicle weight, etc.
  5. 10splaya22

    quick question (then i'll delete)- rear view mirror electric or manual?

    Its obviously electric based on the wires coming out of it. Not sure how that affects the price. Ask them what the difference in the windshield is between the 2. Shouldn't make a difference but maybe its the extra step of plugging the wires in.
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    Order or not order the '18

    Sounds like there is no reason for you to upgrade unless the mag ride or the new auto transmission is worth it.
  7. 10splaya22

    Love the 2018 rear spoiler, want to order

    October or November like it was already stated many times in this thread. Car won't even be on lots until then, how do you expect to buy parts?!
  8. 10splaya22

    2018 Performance Pack - A big step BACKWARDS

    I always thought it was going to be an option. Easy money maker for Ford there. You can get a GT350 for 60k easily now. But if you factor in the discounts for a GT, price difference is still around 10k.
  9. 10splaya22

    Result of Omitting Active Valve Exhaust

    Probably about the same as the 15-17 S550's.
  10. 10splaya22

    2018 Shelby GT350/R Order Guide

    Backup camera
  11. 10splaya22

    2018 Mustang Build & Price on July 25 [UPDATE: Now Live!]

    Nice, that actually works! Total - $44,580 6 speed manual (auto would add $1,595) 301A - $2,000 GT Performance Package - $3,995 Magneride - $1,695 Active Exhaust - $895 No nav or about expensive!
  12. 10splaya22

    2018 Mustang Build & Price on July 25 [UPDATE: Now Live!]

    I thought in the past if the number aren't known they will put "est". I see there is an "*" so I think they used that instead if those are estimates. Just look at the Taurus below which was stated to be a guess, all engines have the "*" so I think its the same for the Mustang. I would hope so...
  13. 10splaya22

    2018 Mustang Build & Price on July 25 [UPDATE: Now Live!]

    Ford isn't forcing them to buy the car. I think its a great idea. It's not like they have to drive the car 15k miles a year. Just prevents owners from storing them in a garage and not being seen out in public.
  14. 10splaya22

    2018 Mustang Build & Price on July 25 [UPDATE: Now Live!]

    Would anyone like to leak the info a little early?
  15. 10splaya22

    Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    Nothing with the engine or transmission is being changed for the GT350 for 2018. Thats already been confirmed a while ago. Not sure where you are getting your information.
  16. 10splaya22

    New Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

    I agree with you. Seems like a lot of marketing hype and key words to make the tires sound better then they are. Only Michelin knows the exact differences between the OE and regular tire. Could be a lot, could be a little, we will never know. Only thing we do know is there is a lot of...
  17. 10splaya22

    How do ship your wheel

    Set up an account with Fedex or UPS and the price should drop a lot. If you know of anyone with an account through their company you can save a lot as well if they do lots of shipping. I used a business account from a friend and I was able to ship 4 wheels and tires together (~50 lbs each) for...
  18. 10splaya22

    VOODOO side effect?

    Thats not close to the same thing. Engine braking and a mechanical overrev are completely different things. Engine braking has no side effects whereas the other can destroy your engine.
  19. 10splaya22

    Will my GT Winter Tire set fit the gt350?

    Its only a 0.6" difference in diameter for the 245/45R19 to the 295/35R19. But the bigger issue as already mentioned is the brake clearance.