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  1. tom_sprecher

    Any Use a Quick Jack Car Lift?

    I used the Quick Jack once and found the lack of side access a PITA. I have been using four jack stands and a racing jack for decades now, so I am biased. Stands and a jack are more useful too. With the truck stands I can raise my lifted Jeep to work on it as well, using the jack to raise and...
  2. tom_sprecher

    If You Bought Ford on 04/01/2020...

    My wife and I.
  3. tom_sprecher

    If You Bought Ford on 04/01/2020...

    It's not just Ford. The NASDAQ is up more than 100% since its pandemic-driven low on March 23, and the S&P 500 is up about 75% for the same period. We were buying big time during the dip back then at 30% off the most recent high. We're slowly taking some off the table now for the next one...
  4. tom_sprecher

    Single Tire Replacement?

    I had a rear replaced at 8k and another at 20k due to not being able to repair each one. No problem, no need to shave.
  5. tom_sprecher

    Time for a new clutch... 2015 PP1 GT

    I had the same symptoms. You have a master cylinder that is going bad. Had mine diagnosed and replaced under warranty. The problem went away. If the OP's clutch is not slipping, then it is not worn out.
  6. tom_sprecher

    Stock PZeros - How long do they last?

    I drive mostly for hours on the interstate for business and I got about 30k out of the fronts, not as much out of the rears. I replaced them with Firestone Indy's. The P Zero is a 220 TW and the Indy's are 340. The P Zero's are going the wear faster. The Toyo Proxes I used to race on were...
  7. tom_sprecher

    Die hard Manual guys get in here!

    I got one of these a couple of years ago and did not care for it. It was too short for my tastes and for some reason after a couple of hours of hard driving in the mountains the trans did not want to shift until it cooled back down. That problem went away once the OEM shifter was swapped back...
  8. tom_sprecher

    Best Place Around Marietta For Tint?

    Talk about back from the dead. Over 4 years. Funny thing is I never got it tinted.
  9. tom_sprecher

    Distilled beverage recommendations

    I don't drink all day, but when I do I prefer Four Roses Small Batch, but drink Maker's Mark. I also like Tanqueray, but drink Beefeater.
  10. tom_sprecher

    Income and taxes question, theoretical.

    I would be very upset. Currently if my pay doubles, my taxes do not quadruple. Why would I be happy with that?
  11. tom_sprecher

    Cargo Hold-downs

    I use of these. Milk Crates Two of them fit perfectly in the forward section of the truck without sliding side to side. They can slide back if you punch it, but usually they stay in place. Perfect for containing anything, but I mostly put groceries in them. Yes, my GT is a grocery getter.
  12. tom_sprecher

    [Locked due to politics] Student debt cancelation. Seems there are strong opinions against it from some.

    College is expensive because anyone can get a loan to pay for it, and they don't think, or don't care about the real cost. Just like how the price of real estate skyrocketed during the years before the Great Recession due to easy to get loans that no one thought about how to pay back. Remember...
  13. tom_sprecher

    [Locked due to politics] Student debt cancelation. Seems there are strong opinions against it from some.

    Instead of forgiving student loan debt, allow it to be discharged in bankruptcy, like all other debt is except tax liens. That way, if you really want out of the debt, you can do it, but it's going to be painful. After that, student loans are not allowed to be guaranteed by the US government...
  14. tom_sprecher

    Transmission Gear Oil

    I changed to BG at about 25k and did not see an appreciable difference, but then I did not have any real issues with the transmission to begin with. Yeah, it could be a bit notchy when cold, but so am I. I can say shifting does get better with age. Kinda wish I did too.
  15. tom_sprecher

    Uknown screw

    Considering when this thread was started, this is the future.
  16. tom_sprecher

    I broke down and bought a spare tire kit-ugh

    I've owned this car 4 years and have had 3 flats. That's than I have had in the 43 years I've been driving. I have the Automotive Authority spare and it works great.
  17. tom_sprecher

    Driving SC2s in sun-45*F weather...

    Most low TW summer tires will feel squirrelly in low temps, but once you put some heat in them they do fine. The P zeroes acted the same way below 40. So do racing tires and brakes at even higher temps. That's why we do the warm up lap. 21 minute video? No way.
  18. tom_sprecher

    Clutch Pedal Drops To Floor

    It was the clutch master. Read the OP and you will see that the symptoms have nothing to do with air in the line. This is a case where the pedal slowly drops to the floor over 3-4 weeks where you do not notice it until it does not allow the clutch to fully disengage. Fluid was getting past...