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  1. 2018 GT350 front splitter U clips

    Take one to an industrial hardware store, or specialty store like Fastenal. They should be able to match it up pretty close. Or do what I did and simple bolt, lock washer, and nut instead. Worked fine and no one will ever be under the car to know.
  2. Anyone using the oil filter funnel from Thingiverse?

    See i look at it as just the opposite, it’s a one time expense. Yes it will cost more, but the first time you use it, you’ll be so happy you did.
  3. GT For Sale OEM Rear GT350R Seat Delete Panel

    Vampira R sold it to me I just sold it Jmeo
  4. Jmeo's 2020 GT500 Build

    My pleasure, glad I could contribute to the build !! Can’t wait to see it when it’s done 👍
  5. Mecum Auction - Kissimmee

    You must have skipped post #9 on page 1
  6. Slotted rotors

    Have you looked at Baer brakes ? They make some really good brake components.
  7. Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    Agreed ...
  8. Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    Look at the link I provided. There are only two seats available for 2019 and up. The cloth Recaros, not heated, not cooled, manually adjustable. These also have the integrated holes for over the shoulder racing harnesses. Then there is the leather seats, heated, cooled, and power...
  9. How many mustangs do you own and have you owned total?

    Currently own 4: 1993 Cobra 2000 Cobra R 2012 Boss 302 LS 2020 Shelby GT350 Previously owned 3: 1987 Mustang GT 1990 Mustang GT - totaled 1990 Mustang GT - replacement
  10. Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    According to Recaro’s own web site they are:
  11. GT350R Stripe Re-Do

    Different I like it !
  12. Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    What @mroad said, the standard seats are recaros, non power and not heated or cooled. The optional seats are the recaro power heated cooled leather seats.
  13. FS: RTR Tech 7 Wheels Gloss Black

    Yeah no kidding... What are people thinking when they ask this when the member also hasn’t been seen on the forum in a year and a half ?
  14. Recommended gas octane for storage?

    As @GT_Dave said, a little gas stabilizer helps, and I also add a bottle of dry gas too. Never had a problem either, it’s only a few months, then once you take the car out you’ll probably use up the tank of gas in a week or so of driving.
  15. Considering Selling my Boss 302 to purchase a GT350

    I’ve got both, a 2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca and a 2020 GT350. Both are tracked, both are so unique in their own ways. When I got the LS new in 2012 I thought it blew away any other mustang I’d owned before. Then I get the Shelby last year, and holy shit it’s on a whole ‘nother plane... it...
  16. Ford Q4 2020 Sales Released, Mustang Continues Streak as America's Best Selling Sports Car

    Wonder what total mustang production was for model year 2020 ?
  17. IS this cup 2 tire corded ?

    Yup those are done, throw the fronts away