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  1. wjs

    Ford Q4 2020 Sales Released, Mustang Continues Streak as America's Best Selling Sports Car

    If they make the GT500 available with a manual transmission, I’ve got a sale for Ford!
  2. wjs

    Clicking sound while turning right

    Yes, they replaced the hub assembly and nut on the second attempt. I have not seen the washer that your referring to either. Maybe someone knows for sure??
  3. wjs

    Clicking sound while turning right

    After more than 1,000 miles without noticing any noise, the ticking has come back. When I say I have been driving the crap out of it, I mean putting a lot of miles on it for a weekend car. I have not been driving hard, just often. Ford has been aware of the return of the noise for two weeks and...
  4. wjs

    Clicking/Ticking sound from brakes? UPDATE: It was the rear axle

    I have that sound still coming from the driver's side rear. Did you determine what that was in the video? I've had the the hub assembly replaced and then both half shafts among a couple other tried adjustments but the sound has come back each time. It took 1000+ miles after replacing the axles...
  5. wjs

    Clicking sound while turning right

    Took my GT350 in for a fourth attempt at resolving the clicking from the driver's rear. This time they replaced both half shafts. Noise went away. I've driven it 1,000+ miles since. I heard something about replacing both half shafts somewhere else before. Not sure why both but regardless it's...
  6. wjs

    Clicking sound while turning right

    I agree with your thinking. The dealer did replace the hub on the second attempt. The clicking went away but returned after about 200 miles. Possibly another bad hub?
  7. wjs

    Clicking sound while turning right

    On my third attempt to resolve the clicking from the left rear, the dealer said Ford wanted the rear wheels removed, inspect what they could, swap the rear wheels, and torque to spec. It worked for the GT350 in the Car & Driver long term test. Noise went away. After about 100 miles, the clicking...
  8. wjs

    Clicking sound while turning right

    My 2020 GT350 developed ticking in the driver's side rear while turning right. Took it to the dealer and they tightened lug nuts. It was quite for about 100 miles, ticking came back. Took it to the dealer and they contacted Ford. They replaced left rear hub assembly/wheel bearing. It was quite...
  9. wjs

    List of changes to the 2019 GT350

    Can anyone comment on a possible reduction in piston slap with the 2019 improvements? Oil consumption and piston slap are the two most significant issues that I’ve heard of and/or experienced.
  10. wjs

    GT350 ECU Update

    I recently had my '17 GT350 ECU flashed and it made some interesting changes to the character of my car. Seems to provide increased low end torque and some exhaust tweaks. I was mostly looking for a reduction in piston slap since reaction to the service bulletin, 18-2290 TSB, seemed to identify...
  11. wjs

    2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    Looks like the track in Salt Lake City where they host the Track Attack.
  12. wjs

    Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    My son and I just arrived in Salt Lake City this morning. Looking forward to it!
  13. wjs

    GT350 Temperature Comparisons

    I guess I am though I am just looking for comparisons. I drove the '17 home for 360 miles after taking delivery mostly on the interstate cruising between 75 and 80 mph and the trans temp was hanging at 97F. When I got off on the local streets it only got to 104F. I thought that seemed really...
  14. wjs

    Camo Mustang

    I like the OP look. Very cool!
  15. wjs

    GT350 Temperature Comparisons

    Had a 2016 Tech Pack and traded it for a 2017. So you're both right. Surprised at how low the trans temp was. Thanks for your input!
  16. wjs

    GT350 Temperature Comparisons

    GT350 w/ Track Pack Coolers vs. 2015/2016 Base and Tech Pack Can someone post some average temperatures for each configuration under normal cruising conditions and track conditions for: Axle Oil Temp Eng. Oil Temp Trans Oil Temp I know this information must be in these forums but...
  17. wjs

    2015-2016 Tech Pack and Base GT350 Cooler Solution Discussion

    I need to update. I sold the 135 about a year ago when I purchased the GT350.
  18. wjs

    2015-2016 Tech Pack and Base GT350 Cooler Solution Discussion

    I waited, like many, for a "Ford Solution" but it didn't turn out like I hoped so I made a deal and am selling my 16 Tech Pack for a 17 at MSRP. $8,000 difference in sales price and trade in. I save a little more than $3,000 in sales tax by trading in rather than selling private party. Bottom...
  19. wjs

    Limp Mode on the Track

    What is the current fiasco with the F150 and what resolution is Ford offering?
  20. wjs

    Does the 2017 std track pkg devalue the 2016 tech pkg?

    The new 2017 configuration seems to leave those with the 2016 tech pkg with a car that we hoped would be perceived as a performer and retain its value but now may be seen as the less desirable set up. Why did Ford limit choices for 2016 and leave those that chose the tech pkg in such great...