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  1. hemistar1

    Battery is 6 months old and is crap

    I have had no issues with battery in my 15 GT or my 19 GT. My 15 was a daily driver and OEM battery lasted and faithful until I sold the car. I don’t drive the 19 as much maybe 2 times a week (covid), she just sits in the garage but fires right up. I barley have 5000 miles on the odometer...
  2. hemistar1

    Cat-Back active exhausts

    I installed the Borla Atak after having Corsa Sports on my 2015 GT. Corsa is also a great brand I just like the unique sound of the Borlas. I have had the Borla ATAK on my 19 GT for just about a year an I’m extremely happy. The quality was good, everything bolted right up and the install was...
  3. hemistar1

    2020 GT PP1 Gloss Black Wheels

    A local pickup may be your best bet. By the time you pack these , double box and insure you could be talking 35 to 50 per wheel depending where you ship to. Give the classified on this site a chance and you may find someone close by. Another option is to just keep them in case you sell or...
  4. hemistar1

    Is this a FP PP3?

    Here is what you could get for about 4 or 5 k more
  5. hemistar1

    2018 unsold gt350

    Go for it if she checks all the boxes. This happened to alot of high optioned 17 and 18 corvettes. Too much supply and little demand. You have to get a great deal though. I would expect at least 5% to 10% off sticker or more otherwise walk away. Car is now 3 years old and even though you have...
  6. hemistar1

    Is this a FP PP3?

    Too much for a used 17. Does it have all the options you want? Are you gonna daily drive or track it? why not a new 19 or 20 with full warranty? if you go for it I would try to negotiate to 28500 and have them include a warranty.
  7. hemistar1

    Infographic: 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheels Combine Performance and Art

    Looks very similar to the current PP2 wheels. And when did a “birdsnest “design become beneficial Or a selling point. A birds nest sometimes can be a tangled mess. Looks like Ford is running outta ideas and decided to raid the parts bin again. IMHO the Mach 1 is a few years late and Ford did...
  8. hemistar1

    Dealership messed up my car?

    I was with you and your sense of forgiveness until I remembered the incident below: If the tech or anyone else wants one then they should buy one or rent one and then “ hone “the...
  9. hemistar1

    I DID IT!

    Good for you. That Mach 1 is going to be special..Enjoy.
  10. hemistar1

    Buying a rental? So much inventory

    Yes factory warranty still applies. You can also get an extended warranty If you plan on keeping for a few years.
  11. hemistar1

    Buying a rental? So much inventory

    Rental companies use fleet maintenance management services to keep their cars running. Some do small maintenance and are on site and some are mobile where the mechanic visits the rental car lot and does small maintenance like oil changes, tire rotation, etc. The rental co. is pretty good with...
  12. hemistar1

    I saw a 2021 Mach 1 today in downtown Rochester, MI and spoke to the lady engineer.

    Nice work OP...I am really interested in the new tranny as that may be the best improvement/update. The other improvements like the shifter, exhaust and striping seems to be purely cosmetic. The magnetic ride, suspension bits and a few more ponies ala the soon to be retired Bullitt are nice as...
  13. hemistar1

    Supercharger Cost Question

    why not start fresh with a a new 2020 build from Lebanon Ford? You get a warranty and you get the price of the blower added into financing. A nice PP1 or PP2 would do and then you don’t have to worry about engine/transmission age Issues.
  14. hemistar1

    Scuffed one of my wheels, looking for advice...

    Stuff happens .. Back in 1992 I spun out in my 1991 GT and took a chunk out of my wheel..I took it to a shop in Maryland called “Ye Old Wheel Shop” . The shop kept it for a week and gave it back good as new. $65 you can find a shop or just buy a new one from Levitown Ford for $350 and save your...
  15. hemistar1

    Why did Ford rush the 2018 facelift?

    Having owned several Mustangs of the 80s 90 and 2000s. I would like to chime in. First.. I owned a 15 and loved the styling and when the 18 came out the front clip did not do a lot for me. I, like others, said Ford was fixing what was not broken and doing too much. Fast foward to last January...
  16. hemistar1

    All Season Tires Handling Package for HPP EcoBoost

    I second that. Both of my cars have been performance pack, 2015 PP1 and 2019 PP2.. each time I changed the OEM to a different AS performance tire specifically for winter months. Although I don’t mind changing wheels/tires once a year it would be nice if Ford offered the summer tires as an...
  17. hemistar1

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    nice simple mod ..thanks for link. I love the contrast from grabber line to black.
  18. hemistar1

    Thanks to Virginia for my GT

    I’m not sure either but glad you are up and running. Enjoy it.
  19. hemistar1

    2018 Mustang GT Start Problem

    I wish you luck on this one and I’m glad it’s under warranty. I once had an older used fox body 1986GT I purchased in 1998. It had a starting issue where I replaced everything : battery, starter, alternator, battery cables. It turns out the gremlin was a pickup relay. After $300 dollar in parts...