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  1. Researching different boost packages for my 19 PP2 car

    So if it not to much of an inconvenience would you all mind posting up your currant boosted set up hP and TQ and supporting mods. My 2016 whipple car was 697 RWHP and 530 or so RWTQ, just wondering what you guys are getting on your Currant set up.
  2. Tuner style lug nuts on OEM wheels

    I am switching back to my summer OEM PP2 wheels and was wondering if I can use the tuner style spline drive lugs that are required on my winter rim and tire set up
  3. Researching different boost packages for my 19 PP2 car

    Does any one have experience with Evolution motor sports? I spoke with a gentleman for quit a long time and he made some recommendations he would consider. Edelbrock 2650 tuner kit, 103mm throttle body, some form of boost a pump, There custom tune but can’t remember what size pulley or if an...
  4. Looking for factory exhaust tips

    I, like many others, do not like the razor sharp garbage OEM exhaust tips on my 19 GT. If any one is going to toss there exhaust in the trash I would like your exhaust tips. I want to have custom 4” double wall weld on tips made to slide over the OEM active exhaust tips. If any one can help out...
  5. CJ discount code

    Do a internet search for Cj Pony parts coupon codes and try them, I can usually find one that will work
  6. Photo Request: Magnetic Metallic GT w/Howling Coyote Decklid Emblem

    Here ya go, let me know if you want any other photos
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed the Rokblokz and Black 5.0 badges on my PP2 car
  8. PP2 and rear Rokblokz

    I left mine in place for now, doesn’t look completely horrid, may mess with it when it’s warm. Sorry about the dirt
  9. PP2 Registry

    Here is my new toy, 19 Magnetic with 401A and active exhaust one as she sits on delivery and one with her winter rims
  10. Bullet fuel line covers

    i am searching for the part numbers for the black plastic fuel line covers on the bullet. The engine cover on my PP2 is ugly as hell and it must go
  11. Mud flaps/rock guards for my new 'Stang

    I have a 2019 PP2 and I installed the rokbloks on my car, no issues on form or fitment at all, I removed my rear tires for ease of install, front you just need to turn the wheels to one side
  12. 2018 exhaust companies

    How is the drone and interior noise level with the Krona system, I don’t want drone, it drives me crazy
  13. Hellion Street Sleeper turbo kit install pics and review

    NightParade, nice job on the write up, please keep us informed on performance, drive ability and such. I DD my stand up until snow. I have done a 07 Procharged Mustang, a 2016 Whipple Mustang and really want to do a TT turbo on my 2019 Mustang. Love the sleeper of this kit just nervous with the...
  14. 2019 pp2 car tire questions?

    Those that have swapped out the MPSC2 tires to something else, has hit helped with the noise and tracking issues that come with the street legal track tires
  15. FIRST LOOK! Edelbrock Modular Inlet 2650 TVS Supercharger

    So I have checked the Edelbrock website, nothing has been announced on a base kit for the 18-19 Mustang GT, do you happen to have any information
  16. Edelbrock 1586 kit

    So when is the big news going to get unleashed
  17. Edelbrock 1586 kit

    I am trying to pry the same information, compared to my 2016 this 2019 is a slug

    My 2019 PP2, 401A with B&O stereo
  19. Edelbrock Stage I 2015 GT 6R80 Car Complete!

    Damn those number are good, my Whipple 2016 was 694 HP and 520 torque, I have a 2019 and may look into the E Force if they come out with one