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  1. S550 HPP

    What's so Special about a California???????

    Stripes, scoops, big spoilers are not my thing. But that’s just me. For others the CS is exactly what they love about Mustang. Thats the best thing about our car, you can make it just how you like.
  2. S550 HPP

    Would you buy a previous rental?

    I rented a silver EB vert on the Big Island in Feb 2019. (Every rental in Hawaii seems to be either a EB vert or a four door Wrangler). I was gentle with it. Was fun to drive and never gave me a hint of trouble. Those two weeks are what convinced me to buy my HPP. But no, I would not buy...
  3. S550 HPP

    Yes females drive mustangs, you need to . . . educate yourself

    I learned to drive in my mom’s ‘72 Grabber Blue Pinto, four speed manual, of course. Never once burst into flames. Never was rear ended either.:blush:
  4. S550 HPP

    Any ETA on 2021 Build & Price?

    Yep, a better deal on what? When I went to shop a year ago all they had were the colors I didn't want, seats I didn't want, stripes I didn't want, spoilers I didn't want, transmissions I didn't want, no 201A, no HPP with handling package. So yes, I could have gotten a better deal buying what...
  5. S550 HPP

    Why did you get a manual

    Had to order my HPP with the six speed. Which was fantastic since I got exactly what I wanted and didn’t have to settle for what some assistant manager thought would sell.
  6. S550 HPP

    Why did you get a manual

    I’ve desired a Mustang, seriously, since ‘79 when I wanted a medium blue glow (that was the paint name 😀), Ghia hatchback, V6 with a manual transmission. During the ‘79 production year, they quit importing the German V6 and switched to the in-line six. I read in some auto mag the in-line six...
  7. S550 HPP

    Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Poor, poor, poor outward visibility and the tacked on Center High Mounted Stop Lamp on the trunk. Always looks like an afterthought. I prefer the integrated look of the CHMSL on the Mustang fastback. Much cleaner looking.
  8. S550 HPP

    Would you change you mind if you could reverse your Mustang Purchase?

    That’s exactly why I ordered my HPP with the six speed and the handling package. Dealers had a terrible selection, for me, here in Utah.
  9. S550 HPP

    21MY Ecoboost HPP vs GT Performance Pack + Magneride

    With only summer tires, I put it away for winter. But in October I was getting 22 or 23 on premium. Not super deluxe for sure. 😀 Its mostly a weekend toy so poor MPG is not a concern to me. We have a 2019 RAV4 hybrid with Blizzaks for the nasty weather.
  10. S550 HPP

    21MY Ecoboost HPP vs GT Performance Pack + Magneride

    I really enjoy my Mustang Ecoboost HPP with the handling package. I test drove a Mustang GT and it was great, but for the way I drive I determined I would use the great handling of the HPP in the Utah canyons more than the 460 HP of the GT. But that’s the charm of the Mustang, you can build it...
  11. S550 HPP

    Were You Holding Out for a Better Deal?

    That is why I ordered my Mustang in early February and by the time I took delivery in May I got 0% financing from Ford. I am glad I didn’t settle for what was on the lot. Salt Lake City isn’t known for having a wide variety of Mustangs for sale. I would guess Florida, Texas, Arizona or...
  12. S550 HPP


    The handling package on the HPP is awesome. First white HPP I’ve seen. Sharp.
  13. S550 HPP

    Face Off at work yesterday

    Excellent illustration of how comically squashed the Chevy’s windows look.
  14. S550 HPP

    First Time Ordering

    They ran a print out and i compared it against Edmunds. Looked legit to me. Now of course, you'll find folks here that get below invoice and so on. But for me to order the car exactly the way I wanted, invoice seemed good enough for me. Plus when it arrived I got 0% finance from Ford.
  15. S550 HPP

    First Time Ordering

    I ordered mine in early February, 2020. Got it for invoice, so I knew to the penny what I was getting (invoice + tax + fees + registration.). The best part of ordering was I got the exact color and options I wanted instead of what some random dealer ordered “thinking “ what would sell.
  16. S550 HPP

    PP2 real life pictures

    To be honest, I feel the subdued PP2 spoiler is one of the best features.
  17. S550 HPP

    If You Could Do It Over Again

    If I could do it all over again I would change nothing. I ordered my car with the exact options I wanted.
  18. S550 HPP


    My 2020 HPP above Little Dell reservoir in Utah.
  19. S550 HPP

    How many of you have NEVER owned a Mustang previously?

    First Mustang for me. I came very close in '79 when the Fox body came out. I was ready to order a blue Ghia hatchback but during the production year they switched from the 2.8 V6 to the in-line six and I decided not to order. Came close a second time in '05 when the new model came out, but...