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  1. gixxersixxerman

    Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH for 2018+ Mustangs?!

    that looks really really good.
  2. gixxersixxerman

    If you could have any - one - car, what would it be and why did you choose it?

    Doesn't matter if I win the powerball right now (what some 850 million) or what I'm hoping will be my next car albeit a way less options and used version, but for what ever reason I want a AMG GTc/r. Right now I plan on my next vehicle being a used AMG GT. But if I hit the lotto It would be a...
  3. gixxersixxerman

    New Shelby American GT500 Prototype Spotted

    looks to be at Speed Vegas. Just south of the city. Lots of events and testing there. Really cool people to deal with.
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    Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    I think the deep red will look really really good. Like you something about red calipers just pop. BUT i think color matched with white lettering and stripes on the car that match.... would look very very very good.. I was going to do my calipers in yellow, even went and bought some of the...
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    student debt forgiveness is back

    Sooooooooo...... wonder what the odds are of this 10k passing??? Fiancé last class before dental hygienist school next year (this years class canceled due to covid) is $1100. that other 8.9k can go to a hellhorse kit if they are going to erase 10k in loans.
  6. gixxersixxerman

    Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    I cant wait to see this finished. Its been a little bit since my last trip to SA, might have to swing by tomorrow as this thread made me have a itch again. Blue calipers white lettering:wink:
  7. gixxersixxerman

    Switching from Magnaflow TruX to H-pipe. Questions

    Correct i bought mine before they even had the option. If you plan on going to them i personally would buy the long and then have it modified. otherwise itll start to sag as the clamps just stretch out from heat cycles
  8. gixxersixxerman

    Switching from Magnaflow TruX to H-pipe. Questions

    it may, my tru-x was shorter then then steeda X and H pipes. BUT take that down to a exhaust shop. have them cut to the same length and then expand the ends towards the axleback and have them put slits and use proper clamps, the POS butt clamos that come with most these xpipes and h pipes cause...
  9. gixxersixxerman

    Maverick pickup compact truck leaked image from factory line!

    This is suppose to be based on the Bronco sport i think it was reported, so hopefully a smaller wheelbase then the Ranger. But with that crew cab i doubt it. Ranger already has its rear wheel damn near the cab
  10. gixxersixxerman

    Roush stage 2 or Whipple Gen 2

    The main reason that GT can live on the track SC is it was designed that way.. You can throw some parts on your car that can make it faster then say a new GT500, but its going to take almost as much money to make it faster and as reliable doing it lap after lap after lap after lap..... Those...
  11. gixxersixxerman

    Maverick pickup compact truck leaked image from factory line!

    My family is one of those "you're not a man if you don't own a truck" types. i am NOT a truck person at all, the 1-2 times a year I may need one I rent from uhaul. My brother beats his trucks, he needs them on the land he has. daily he uses them beyond what they are meant for. My father... a...
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    Maverick pickup compact truck leaked image from factory line!

    What a friend was talking about is its going to be smaller then the Ranger and FWD. Just a small truck for those that dont need but some light truck work. Im surprised, i didnt think the market was there. I thought the older Ranger was discontinued due to how small it was and the market moved to...
  13. gixxersixxerman

    why does everyone want to spin the coyote up to 8000 plus?

    According to what I can find, 305/35-20 is suppose to be 28.4” diamete. I haven’t gone out and measured them. Just went off tirerack just now on some pilot 4s and discount on the G2’s both give the same diameter
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    why does everyone want to spin the coyote up to 8000 plus?

    According to your link I should shift at 8k :inspect: Or i filled it out wrong??
  15. gixxersixxerman

    Ronin drain plug

    I love my Ronin drain plug. I got it off someone selling it after selling their truck so only paid 40$, but even at full price I wouldn’t mind. I change my oil once a year and do the UOA from amsoil. Always come back fine. I have 10k on my 18, this last year I may have put a thousand on it...
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    So the Focus RS is pretty quick...

    I really loved my 2015 ST3. It had all the bolt ons and then towards the end I won a big turbo raffle and it was a lot of fun. Ended up bagged on Meth... a lot of meth.. and put 445 hp down. IF awd is needed then I think the RS is a great car, I had some fun running my friends and taking it out...
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    Active Exhaust Valves?

    sorry you live is a shitty neighborhood??.? My neighbors respect me and everyone else and I respect them the same. 2 other cars close by have active exhaust and use them, another with a ciivc uses a baffle until his cold start is over if it’s early morning.. Honestly the guy with the AMG GT 63...
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    Drove a 2020 Corvette Yesterday

    GM had a valve spring issue from their supplier and like 2-3 months of builds are having issues In ALL V8 engines, trucks and cars. Some are breaking before they get off the lot. (But ive read on here GT350 engine valves dropping in parking garages at a couple hundred miles but hey throw stones...
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    [Locked due to politics] Student debt cancelation. Seems there are strong opinions against it from some.

    As I said at the beginning of this thread I’m against it, but since I’ve been seeing more and more talk of Biden’s administration going to cancel it all. I told my fiancé to go ahead and rack up as much as she can possibly get. What ever it is someone else will pay it off, thanks briebee for...
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    Active Exhaust Valves?

    Yeah I don’t get the gimmicky part at all. The active exhaust is the only reason I tolerate the Corsa and long tubes. Otherwise I’d have gone to a different setup long ago. Car sounds like complete shit when it cold starts, at least the active in quiet mode muffles it. And any trip I do it’s...