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  1. Recs for Houston Mechanic for Shifter Install?

    Like the title says. I'm going to pick up a Barton Hybrid 3 STS and need to get it installed. Any recs on who to go to in Houston?
  2. Brand New to Mods - How do you select your tune?

    Thanks, everyone. Appreciate the info and recs.
  3. Brand New to Mods - How do you select your tune?

    I'm looking at getting a CAI (PMAS) and a Lund tune, but didn't know which tune to get, or how to even decide which one to get. I'm going to keep it off of E95, but other than that, I don't know the first thing that I should be investigating. Could you provide me with a basic link to start...
  4. 2018 Bullitt by Petty's Garage

    It's not that easy. I've been looking for a while for wheels for my Mustang...Haven't found the right ones yet. The AR ones are the closest. Also, removing the 5.0 badges isn't that easy either because of the little hole.
  5. In 30 Years, When Our FOBs Are Dead, How Do We Get In?

    When our key fobs are dead, assuming Ford won't make them any more, how do we get into our cars/start them?
  6. New 2015 GT Vert for sale...thoughts on the deal?

    That's true about the used vs new...Now...When I bought mine last year, the used 2015s were only about 2k cheaper than new 2016s!
  7. Manual Trans. Thud when shifting

    It's definitely more than "more than an isolated case", it's ubiquitous.
  8. New 2015 GT Vert for sale...thoughts on the deal?

    Low ball the heck out of them and see if they'll take it. What do you have to lose? You might be surprised.
  9. Used Mustang GT Better Option Premium or PP?

    Maybe I should sell mine and buy a new one. That price is absurd.
  10. Premier Interior Trim it a dealbreaker?

    I actually didn't really like it. Felt too soft...Like it would wear out quickly. But yeah, if you like it, go for it. It's only $400.
  11. Oxford White, Deep Impact blue or Black? 16 GT

    White with blue Shelby stripes.
  12. Two Breeds Of Cars..

    New black Camaro has the assigned spot next to me in my parking garage.
  13. New Cervini's Hood? You decide!

    Have you guys tested this hood or is it just concept? I'm wondering how it works with the aerodynamics of the car. Some people with aftermarket hoods have reported the hood shaking/vibrating at high speed. I like the hood without the window. I'm biased, though. I'm trying to recreate a...
  14. Any Interest in an Anarchy Guard Colored Shift Knob?

    Anyone interested in a guard(ish) colored shift knob from Anarchy? They would be willing to do it if we could get a few together who would want it. There's a few colors that look very close (if not identical) to guard. Post here if interested!
  15. Averaging 20mpg on a GT-PP, what do you get?

    15...Stupid Houston.
  16. Anyone here got a HUD in their Mustang?

    If you're driving stick, you don't need it ;)
  17. Applying Torque vs Horsepower

    Power to weight wins races, but whatever.
  18. Thinking about buying a Cold Air Intake. Suggestions?

    It should be known that it's 3years/36k from manufacture date, not install date.
  19. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    So close to having enough money saved to buy a MGW shifter. -_-