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  1. Clunking Noise coming while turning the wheel

    Check the end links. I had a front sway bar and adjustable end links installed and a week later it was clunking like u describe. End links came loose and needed Torqueing.
  2. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Lowered on Eibach Pro Springs and added Eibach front sway bar with adjustable end links.
  3. Noisy/Clunky after Eibach Pro SPring install?

    So it was the end links. Weird thing is, I felt/heard the clunking coming from the rear, unless it was slowly going over a an incline like the curb of a driveway. Then I distinctly heard it in the front. But while traveling slowly, all of the feel and sound came from the rear. But my guy said...
  4. Ticking, but NOT from the engine.

    Great, I will try it. Thank you.
  5. Noisy/Clunky after Eibach Pro SPring install?

    Howdy folks. This (2020 GT CS Vert) is the first car i have ever modded beyond swapping rims. Not the most knowledgeable when it comes to cars. So seeking advice. As the Title states, got the Eibach Pro Springs installed yesterday, both front and rear, and also swapped out the front sway bar...
  6. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    That's gorgeous. I want to do something like that but anodized red on my Black GT.
  7. How Do I Turn Off "Ticker" At top of Digital Dash?

    It was always there in normal mode. Change to sport+ mode, it's not there.
  8. Where to find wheel spacer size

    Yea, I got it backwards. Thanks for the correction.
  9. windshield washer fluid for rain sensing mustang

    I got the CS too, but went with the Vert instead of the safety package. Not that it was an even trade. lol
  10. Where to find wheel spacer size

    No that sounds perfect. I will measure afterwards. Thanks.
  11. Where to find wheel spacer size

    The Pro Springs drop 1" and 1.25" respectively I believe. What I meant was, no camber kits or realignment kits are needed to get alignment within factory specs from everything I read. So no more camber than I have now. All I was asking was would a 25mm spacer on the front with my stock 19"...
  12. Where to find wheel spacer size

    I have 19" wheels (CS edition Wheels) Thank you, thats the info I was looking for. I want no poke, and want to do them correctly as well. I just saw sets of 4 the same size for sale, so was just wondering why the recommendation here (which I trust WAY more then Amazon) was recommending less...
  13. Where to find wheel spacer size

    Well, The Pro Springs stays within stock specs, and no kit is needed for alignment, from everything I have read.
  14. Where to find wheel spacer size

    nope. just stock, about to install Eibach Pro Springs for lowering it, and am considering spacers since running stock square setup. EDIT - I have the CS Convertible, so have the 19" wheels.
  15. Where to find wheel spacer size

    I notice the sets on amazon are 25mm all the way around. You guys are recommending 20mm on the front. Would 25mm on the front be too much, would it poke?
  16. windshield washer fluid for rain sensing mustang

    I just looked it up, part of the safety package. Thats why I dont have them. Didnt need the Adaptive Cruise Control as I rarely to never use normal cruise control. Oh well.
  17. windshield washer fluid for rain sensing mustang

    Which package did the rain sensing wipers come with?
  18. Lowering springs

    Yea probably good advice. Thanks.
  19. Lowering springs

    If you go the Eibach route, check out Here's why. So Eibach sells the Pro Springs for $295. They also have a sway bar set for $495, and a combined Springs plus sway bar kit for $749. Over at Tirerack, I stumbled on the Eibach Pro Springs + Sway bar kit for $434.96. Thats insane...
  20. Lowering springs

    Most advice here (and well given) will be to replace dampers, struts, etc. while u are ready under there. While great advice, I can't afford to do that right now but want to lower it a bit. I went with the Eibach Pro Kit springs. Went with the. Because majority of replies state close to...