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  1. Dealer ADM

    I know of 3 in Texas at sticker and before you ask, yes I have personally talked to them and it’s legit sticker price.
  2. Dealer ADM

    I am not interested in this one just sharing.
  3. Dealer ADM

    It’s says sticker price is asking price and It just got posted less than an hour ago.
  4. Dealer ADM

    Just listed at msrp.
  5. Dealer ADM

    That is correct.
  6. Dealer ADM

    Shop around. I have found several for sticker price including CFTP cars. They are out there but it takes a little looking.
  7. Complete Tubular K Members

    I have a Steeda on mine and love it. Fit and finish is perfect. It give a ton of space to work on anything under the car. I don’t have a turbo kit but it should make a lot of extra room.
  8. “Steeda’s New S550 Drag Racing K-member

    Thanks for the write up! Can't wait to see how much farther we can take it. Nick
  9. Pistons - Please

    JE Part number 353906 Manley H-tuff Rods.
  10. Pistons - Please

    I have the JE pistons in mine. Have had them in for year making 1000+ wheel with zero issues. Very nice quality for sure.
  11. Recommendations for front mount ic tank for eb setup?

    Most relocate it to the trunk. It’s not to hard, just running cables.
  12. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    Good to know, I was going to try it on mine if it worked for you.
  13. Recommendations for front mount ic tank for eb setup?

    Watson Racing makes one for the cobra jet that’s really nice. It requires the battery be relocated though.
  14. Need help deciding which procharger

    I had great results with a stage 2 D1x. I ran it with a 4.88 pulley when it was stock all the way down to a 3.90 pulley and went 8.79. It is a great choice and is very capable of mild to wild.
  15. Procharger intake filter alternative

    You could also get a MAK Hurricane intake pipe/filter kit.
  16. Arizona 15+ Parts, Carbon Fiber trunk and CF wing

    Are any of the mirror covers for standard mirrors? Mine is a 2018 base model.
  17. Texas WTB Base Mustang Cloth drivers seat

    Where abou Where about in Texas? I think I have one that was taken out of a 2018 GT when race seats were installed.
  18. Forum Member Gratitude Thread

    Thanks for the acknowledgment. I’m always glad to help out and share information!
  19. Highest Hp S550 with D1SC?

    62,000 is the max recommended for the d1sc. You have some room to go still with your unit. 00