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  1. Nagare

    2015-2017 seats vs 2018+ seats

    Different airbags, same for the steering wheel.
  2. Nagare

    Leather seat swaps

    The airbags are different so it's not a direct swap. 15-17 are the same, 18+ so far are the same. If you're just talking the leather itself, should be fine.
  3. Nagare

    Richardgrimm001 Scam, Watch your PM's

    Agreed. Some people won't like it, but the same applies in reverse too. When I was selling my stuff on here, I would be comfortable with long-time members but if it was somebody new I actually would prefer Friends & Family payment to me so I know I won't get scammed by them disputing the item...
  4. Nagare

    Appreciation for the V6

    I'd say the biggest change will come from the tune, no point in doing intake and headers if you're not okay with a tune.
  5. Nagare

    Best Car Shows & Meets in Florida

    I haven't really gone to many outside of the tri-county area, but the best variety is always at yours John, the Palm Beach Cars and Coffee. Looking forward to it returning whenever that's possible.
  6. Nagare

    What's the top speed for the v6?

    That's an Ecoboost, Euro spec which usually means Performance Pack - an option the V6 doesn't have. It's limited because of the stock tires. As for mine being a weak one, it handily hit that 121 over and over again and now goes that and higher without issue other than my hood shaking lol But...
  7. Nagare

    What's the top speed for the v6?

    With the factory governor, the speed limit is around 121-125. I know mine always capped at 121 but I've seen enough people say a little higher - definitely not 135 or more though. Without a tune, probably depends on mods of course. I haven't pushed mine and paid attention to that.
  8. Nagare

    Went to the strip to see what she'd do

    I feel you! I've got the spare tire in the back, Noico sound deadening, sub box, and random stuff in the trunk too. Which Corvettes did you have? I'm so looking forward to 5 years from now to get a C8, finally saw one on the road again and it was beautiful!!
  9. Nagare

    Went to the strip to see what she'd do

    Don't care about anything other than it means my car is faster than stock after all, I definitely need a driver mod too but never ran mine stock to know what it really might have done compared to magazine times. I think my best time was something like 13.8 and best speed was just over 101. Fun...
  10. Nagare

    Looking for a good tune

    MPT 93 PRX, especially if it's an auto. If you want to spend more money on other mods: ported intakes (P3, not AMR), cat delete, and 3.73 gears. If you want to actually be fast: skip the above and go for boost or just save your money for the next car. As much as I love my car, I'll love the...
  11. Nagare

    Cracked Tail lights 2018-2020 mustang

    Doubt it's covered by warranty, Ford denied me twice when I tried to get mine covered but it was even more obvious cracking and along the main portion of the lights on both sides. They said it was due to impact which it couldn't have been. Thankfully I found a take off set of new 2018 tails for...
  12. Nagare

    Should I?

    Do it! They look amazing and should be a sweet ride. It's the move I'm looking to like five years when prices are reasonable on used ones.
  13. Nagare

    GT500 side stripes on a GT ?

    They are pretty plain, don't really think anything about them screams GT500 so why not?
  14. Nagare

    Warning For South Floridians- Grieco Ford Fort Lauderdale

    If you want a local performance shop that's reliable and passionate, check out United Performance. He started mostly with trucks but does a ton of Mustang work now as well (including some work on mine).
  15. Nagare

    AAWireless dongle - Wireless Android Auto

    How's this one? Looks like some crap wrong with the forum update trying to embed something and failing.
  16. Nagare

    Warning For South Floridians- Grieco Ford Fort Lauderdale

    Why go to Greico if you're closer to Pompano Ford? They're supposed to be the better local dealer on everything but I haven't found Jeff to be all that responsive on everything, but I do know I'm not a big fan of some of the guys at Greico after my old advisor left them. If you can, definitely...
  17. Nagare

    Stock GT Exhaust on V6 Mustang

    Nah. Not with a right tune unless you're talking about with E85 too. Torque? 100%, but otherwise you're looking more around 350hp range. Much better options for horsepower fun unless you want to go fully custom on the SuperSix kit like @SouthernCyclone.
  18. Nagare

    AAWireless dongle - Wireless Android Auto

    Just an FYI on something I came across earlier on r/android: They are crowdsourcing on IndieGoGo right now and the dongle is $50, seems like you'd just plug it in to the car USB port (like where you plug the phone right now) and then your phone connects to it wirelessly instead of needing to...
  19. Nagare

    Florida SOLD Ford Performance Mustang Track Strut and Shock kit (2015-2020)

    If I'm right in thinking this is the same guy, sent you a message on FB to try here months ago lol, glad you got it listed and taken care of.
  20. Nagare

    BBK shorty Catted mid pipes vs offroad midpipes.

    If you don't have emissions to worry about, I would go catless because you get the better performance and it's one less thing you have to worry about failing. Not sure if the Lethal ones will fit with longtubes or not, could try checking those? With Ataks, longtubes, and no's going...