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  1. IS $5500 PPF worth it GT350 ????

    If anyone does decide to do PPF, make sure they wrap around the edges. I've seen the cheap PPF jobs that charged 1/3 to 1/2 of what I was charged, and they only wrapped up to the edge on every panel, making the entire clear bra wrap visible to everyone. When done right, people shouldn't be able...
  2. IS $5500 PPF worth it GT350 ????

    Last I checked, the payments to Ford Motor Credit came out of my bank account and not Carroll Shelby's. No disrespect to him, but none of our cars are his or anyone else's.
  3. IS $5500 PPF worth it GT350 ????

    Set of aftermarket stripes are a few hundred. Set of OEM? Thousands.
  4. IS $5500 PPF worth it GT350 ????

    Our A-Pillar connects to the rear quarter panel without a break which makes it a pain for installing clear bra and repairs in that area. My coating was professionally applied. I am aware of the benefits. I keep great care of my car, bird crap/dead bugs gets cleaned off immediately, and I'm in...
  5. IS $5500 PPF worth it GT350 ????

    I went with full front minus A-pillar(I would've seen where the clear bra ended) and full roof. That, coupled with front rock guards( has prevented pretty much all rock chips on the front end, and on the rear quarter panel where...
  6. Actual warranty denials due to tuning.

    It's all relative. I bought my car for $50k before taxes/shipping. So when the engine replacement costs more than half of original MSRP, it's pretty hefty. Saw a video of a youtuber who bought his C63 AMG for about $85k~. Had it for about a month when he drove through a huge rainstorm. The...
  7. Actual warranty denials due to tuning.

    The invoice I got from the dealer was about $30k in total. So yea, no tunes for me during the warranty period.
  8. Upgrading wheels, have questions

    I'm sure we have vendors here who are authorized dealers for Vossen. Maybe they would be better equipped to answer all your questions. They may even frequent the GT350 subsection.
  9. GT350R in Slovenia

    It's unfortunate the GT350 isn't really sold anywhere else. It makes seeing one outside of NA just that more special and impressive, considering the hoops and extra costs they have to go through just to own one.
  10. Have you named your GT350?

    I don't have one. My wife calls it my girlfriend. Does that count?
  11. Actual warranty denials due to tuning.

    This is why I always chime in when people blindly state "but muh Magnusson-Moss act!" as if that's some secret saying that makes the dealer/Ford stand at attention, ready for orders like a drone. You can claim Magnusson-Moss Act all you want, but if Ford gives a simple, logical reason why your...
  12. Who is breaking the law over front license plates?

    No front plates. I think I've gotten caught twice now. 2nd time I bought a removable front plate and got it knocked down to just a fix it ticket. The contraption is somewhere in my storage. I'll look for it if and when I get another ticket.
  13. 2020 Shelby GT350 Engine Replacement (Dropped Valve)

    Massachusetts. Hah! I bought my car from there, and when I also tried to do a buy back(car has spent a total of 6+months in the shop. Most of that was still within the 3yr bumper to bumper), that's when I found out MA lemon laws are a joke compared to California. Lemon laws of original state of...
  14. Air lift suspension

    Maybe you guys can start here: IIRC, it was a few grand at least for this system. Good luck on your search.
  15. Strong, Loud Idle

    I wanted that, but I just figured it's not the nature of our car. Pushrods are strong, lazy down low motors. We make power where a pushrod has long stopped revving. Can't have cake and eat it too. Ford teased a non-performance tune for the GT350 when it was first released to change the idle...
  16. Car weight

    Last time I checked, it was a Mustang, not a Dodge Challenger/Charger. Our cars weigh around 3700lbs
  17. Thought I Blew My Engine @ Laguna

    That shop was always on my shortlist of shops to try out if I ever needed any after warranty/after market type stuff done. Did the shop take responsibility or are they totally avoiding you? I'd be livid if I had to foot the entire bill.
  18. lost

    Nobody: OP: I have a 9 second car that I daily drive. Jokes aside, looks like you meant to be on the GT500 forum.
  19. WTB Shelby key fob backing.

    On a slightly related note: Walked up to the shop counter and the dude happened to spot the cobra on the key fob that's hanging off the belt loop and asked me if I had a Shelby. I did not think it was big enough for anyone to ever notice, but there you go. lol
  20. The GT350 is certainly the best Mustang

    Probably meant 4.5s...