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  1. Steeda pro-action adjustable question.

    Yeah, shocks degrade with mileage. Typically they're shot after anywhere from 30-70k miles and need a rebuild or replacement.
  2. Help with Steeda proaction adjustable front struts

    you could try a small amount of WD40 on the adjuster tip, but if that doesn't work you'll probably have to send it back for a replacement. I had a rear shock fail like that.
  3. 15 Base GT rear suspension upgrade suggestion

    I’d guess that a fresh set of the bilstein or ford racing monotube shocks will help quite a bit. if you’ve never changed your stock shocks, I’d guess the stock ones are possibly shot from mileage as well. Yes the base springs are very soft and can bottom out onto the bump stops so a mild...
  4. Feedback on 6GR wheels 19 or 20

    Square 19x10s, so 285/35 front and rear. No complaints, wheels are good quality and the satin black finish has held up well for the 4.5 years I've owned them.
  5. Feedback on 6GR wheels 19 or 20

    These are 19s at stock ride height. Since the offsets are nice and aggressive, they look good, even with factory springs.
  6. Need help with tires for 19x9.5" wheels

    The Motoiq article is ok. If you're limited on tire size, but not wheel size, then yes you want to go 0.5" wider with the wheel. In general tho often we're limited by both the wheel AND tire fit and going narrower just to get a stretched fit doesn't always make sense. Grip does not equal...
  7. RE71R's or something else for summer daily driving/track days?

    ^ this RE71Rs are great tires, I'm on my 7th? set. They are discontinued and existing inventory will go away soon. They're good in wet IF they have tread. They don't have a lot of channels/places for water to go, so if the tread is worn down they're likely to hydroplane faster than other...
  8. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    TeeLew are you running in Sport or Track modes? At least on the GT the Ford throttle response maps are too twitchy for smooth driving IMHO in anything beyond the default mode. The EcoBoosts also have a lot of torque down low which might also be making it worse. Anyway yeah, I think its a...
  9. Need help with tires for 19x9.5" wheels

    Narrower tread widths and shorter sidewalls will reduce cushion and squirm (so that argues for a 275/35). Keep in mind new tires feel squirmy compared to old ones, even the stiff-sidewalled ones because the tread blocks squirm on new tires.
  10. Need help with tires for 19x9.5" wheels

    I've run a 275/35 before (its been a while). Honestly I'd just run a 285/35 on the 9.5 but switch the brand. The treadwidth fit between 275 and 285 is a very small difference. The PP1 GTs come with 275/40s on the rear, and a square 275/40 would be fine. 275/35 is fine too.
  11. 3/4" vs. 13/16" Lug-Nuts

    That's correct. With the Gorilla part numbers, the last digit is usually the packaging type (clamshell, loose is a bag, etc).
  12. 3/4" vs. 13/16" Lug-Nuts

    Not sure that's true. I have some wheels with a 0.75" wide cone and others with a 1" wide cone. See post #78 on that thread. As long as the lug nut is as wide as the seating area, I think you're good, but I wouldn't use a small Gorilla lug (0.87" wide cone) on a wheel with a 1" wide seating...
  13. Steeda Progressive Springs ?

    Hey that's not a bad offer! Just make sure they clock the rubber bushings after lower it (probably while its on the alignment rack). You'll find out exactly what the car looks like soon. No need to buy spacers ahead of time really. They don't swing in noticeably, just a slight tilt due to a...
  14. Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    I've owned both (GT, but we're talking about the same seats). If you can, sit in both. I know that the Recaros can be tricky to find on dealer lots sometimes to try out in person. I find they're both comfortable. I've done 7 hour road trips in the Recaros and they were great. I did a 5 1/2...
  15. Need opinions and feedback for tires

  16. No love for coilovers kits?

    Good, I figure you should be happy with the new stuff then.
  17. Help! Show me pictures please: 285/35R19 with BMR SP763 springs or other minimal drop springs

    These are 286/35R19 MP4S with 0.75” drop springs
  18. No love for coilovers kits?

    Ok I have some experience with this. I hope you’re talking about the adjustable pro actions? I have the Steeda Dual Rate springs and Koni yellows which are a sibling of the Steeda adjustables, under some camber plates (steeda camber plates in my case). Its a little bit bouncy around town...
  19. Do you ever think about getting track insurance?

    If you read the fine print, these contracts have about 6 or 7 clauses protecting the insurance company for various kinds of fraud. Misrepresenting a $5k Miata beater as a $100k investment isn't going to get you anywhere. I'm sure they'd be perfectly fine taking your money upfront and then...
  20. coil over kit

    I hear the Penskes are amazing...