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  1. Illinois For Sale 2017 GT350 with 5,000 miles

    Chassis H3861 in Race Red with white stripes purchased new by me in February 2018. I am the one and only owner and it has 5,017 miles on the ODO. The car has been completely trouble free with no visits to the dealer for warranty work of any kind. 3 dealer oil changes in the three years I have...
  2. 1984 GT350 twentieth anniversary

    collector model. Yeeesh https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0120-395218/1984-ford-mustang-gt350/
  3. Rattling Rocker

    Since I brought home my car I had an annoying rattle at around 55-60mph on the driver’s side. I figured I would just find it myself rather than run it back to the dealer for every noise. When I was under the car installing the jacking rails I did a quick visual to see if everything looked proper...
  4. tes