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  1. The sun rays made it one eyed bandit

    The sun rays made it one eyed bandit

  2. Car Repos on the Rise

    Given the global supply chain issues, the economy and energy prices, the war in Ukraine, crazy weather around the globe and many other TBD factors (China vs Taiwan war?) that most of us can not control do we truly thing that Repos will have impact on the car market prices? I say if so, they...
  3. 2023 Mach 1 will be available

    I was looking for the same color and options that you picked, but the insane dealer greed pushed me to wait until end of next year, hoping supply and production issues will ease by then. Check out the attached....dealer web Mach1 sales info. What a joke!
  4. What do you miss not having in the Mustang?

    Make the Tremec manual tranny optional choice for purchase on all base GT mustangs that now only come with the marginal China made Getrag.
  5. 2023 Mustang Colors Revealed. New Vapor Blue Metallic Added

    Not sure if recession is the issue as Ford Bronco has many colors to choose from. My problem is that if I am purchasing a sports car for over 60K I want the color of my choice and not 3 shades of black, gray or silver and one red, yellow or blue. I look for light pastel colors that Ford seems to...
  6. Order a 2022 Mustang at 2% under invoice

    Do you have any 2022 Mach 1 cars allocated to your dealers from regional ford sales manager? If so can you share how many, and would you take 5% above MSRP to sell one?
  7. Order a 2022 Mustang at 2% under invoice

    For Specialty Models they just add for Mach 1 vehicles 15-20% over MSRP as the ADM. Why they do it, because every ford dealer does it. :shock: https://www.chapmanfordaz.com/detail/new/2022/Ford/Mustang/220420/CAU
  8. Ford Mustang is #12 Most Price Marked Up Vehicle (Over MSRP)

    CHECK OUT https://www.markups.org/ to see more greedy dealers.
  9. New 21 Mach 1 for sale - NC dealer

    I agree there are very few 2021 models and the 2022 models have large ADMs. If all these greedy dealers end up having them on the lot for 5 to 6 month or more, I wonder are these cars any good after they have been sitting that long with no action? Not every dealer has them parked in a showroom...
  10. New 21 Mach 1 for sale - NC dealer

    Great summary of good and greedy dealers on this new website https://markups.org/ Looks like the ADMs will go higher for mid-2022 year, now that FORD has production hold this week on the cars. BTW- I am still amazed how many FJG color cars are there and how few red,yellow or blue car colors are...
  11. 2022 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Here is one in Arizona, but not at MSRP https://www.chapmanfordaz.com/detail/new/2022/Ford/Mustang/220420/CAU

    Here are the colors as taken from Czech Ford WebSite.
  13. 📈 Mustang February 2022 Sales: 4,700 Sold

    Here are some pictures from ford web site in Europe
  14. Chip shortage to last until at least 2025...

    Chip Shortage will not go away for a long time. My guess is that all F150 and Broncos will rust and degrade sitting unfinished around the country before they get chips and modules. BTW- may not matter if the war goes into nuclear conflict.
  15. New 2021 GT500 at Florida dealership

    Here is NE largest Shelby Mustang dealer. Has four GT500 all on sale. All less then 100K. Most are 10K over MSRP. They may want to deal if you are looking for GT500. https://www.griecofordofraynham.com/mustang-market.htm
  16. New 2021 GT500 at Florida dealership

    Here at this dealer is a GT500 under 100K true bargain these days.:like: https://www.imperialcars.com/all-inventory/new-ford.htm?start=10&bodyStyle=Coupe& BTW- they also have 2 more above 100K
  17. This Is Ford's Plan To Fix The Mustang's Biggest Problem

    Agree, the MACH-E vs. MACH 1 was a mistake. All the dealers that I contacted and wanted to buy Mustang Mach 1 offered me to come in and buy the MACH-E. "It is E vs. 1 that has issues with the sales teams at a dealers. Looks to me like sports cars will soon be history. Looking back to "2011...
  18. Fighter Jet Grey is not... Grey + My underwhelming experience of a Mach 1 "delivery"

    Atlas1, I do agree it can be the old bait and switch, that all dealers like to play. They also do not want to quote price on their chat line. Bottom line is that with 20K ADM the price is almost like buying two base mustangs. If the attached price data info is any good then the dealer costs on...
  19. Fighter Jet Grey is not... Grey + My underwhelming experience of a Mach 1 "delivery"

    Interesting data on 2021 Mach1, dealer search in the USA. Looks like Mach1 with auto-tranny is easier to purchase close to MSRP. I also noticed on these pages that dealer greed thresholds could be changing from the 20k ADM...