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  1. Ohio 2 Rear JMS wheels with NT555R2s

  2. What I learned from my first blower install (Vortech Supercharger) over the weekend

    Here's mine with a 3.7 pulley and ARH/Corsa exhaust setup.
  3. Pennsylvania 2015-2017 California Special and Mustang Parts

    No problem. I didn’t realize until after I asked it was an ‘18+ option only.
  4. Pennsylvania 2015-2017 California Special and Mustang Parts

    Serious question. I’ve seen some of the “knee rest” area have padding.
  5. Pennsylvania 2015-2017 California Special and Mustang Parts

    Are the knee pads on these padded?
  6. 2nd Car

    I’ve been looking to replace my 2008 CRV with something newer, but it just really doesn’t make any sense right now. Just spent the money to replace the whole suspension and that was less than tax and title paperwork would be for anything newer I’d buy.
  7. Got a State Ref for exhaust In California for my Factory stock 2022 Mach 1

    So they heard you from down the street without any dB readings and assumed it was your car? Yeah, no way I’d be paying that.
  8. RACE RED S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Mach 1/GT500 rear valence on a ‘15-17
  9. How to clean and detail Mach 1 leather seats and the "leather" interior?

    Dilute the VRP for interior use. I prefer CarPro Perl 1:5 dilution. For the leather, I’ve never used CG products. I use 3D LVP Cleaner followed by their LVP Conditioner. Never had any “sticky” issues you’re describing.
  10. Paint correction/Ceramic Coating around Philadelphia

    I do it as a side business, but out in Lancaster. I can reach out to a friend to see who he recommends in Philly.
  11. 15-17 GT500 style rear diffuser

    Did you have extra hardware from the bottom edge of the factory bumper leftover after install? I had about 6-8 that didn’t have anywhere to attach to after install. I’m assuming maybe because it was meant to fit the Mach 1/GT500 rear aero?
  12. 15-17 GT500 style rear diffuser

    Finally got around to it a few weeks ago. Love the look.
  13. Stang Night Moods

    On a full moon night.
  14. Philly area owners

    Not a 350 owner, but just outside of Lancaster.
  15. Colorado Stainless Works 3" Retro LMF Catback with H-Pipe

    FWIW, I had Magnaflow Street and same issues. Switched to Corsa Sport and haven’t had it since.
  16. 15-17 GT500 style rear diffuser

    Not yet. Had some family health issues come up, so I haven’t really had a few hours to get it on.
  17. Cervini Cobra R hood installed.

    I was just curious since you’ve got the CJ intake. I’ve got a Boss and can’t fit one with the stock hood.
  18. Cervini Cobra R hood installed.

    Do you know if a strut brace will fit with that hood?
  19. Triple 7 Performance Grill Lights?

    For what it’s worth, the lights look like Diode Dynamics, which are top notch. I’m sure the mounting is a 3D printed piece since DD does not offer it.