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  1. 2018 up half shafts

    not changing the half shafts just wanted to verify a long time rumor now. Ford definitely upgraded the shafts apparently for performance pack manuals. Thanks for the reply though man
  2. 2018 up half shafts

    Heard that Ford put in performance pack 18up manual transmission cars better half shafts equivalent to the GT350 half shafts... is this true?
  3. 10R80 + 4.09 Gears

    did you get the problem fixed?
  4. Thinking of going 4.56 2019 GT

    Hey guys going to pull the trigger on some 4.56 gears for the 2019 MT 82 GT , not a daily driver just looking for the best way to make it as quick as possible without opening the motor. Who’s done the 4.56 gears? How do you like them?
  5. Forum discount?

    no it’s been a while for me , I’m holding off buying a ton of stuff I hope I don’t have to wait much longer
  6. Forum discount?

    Can I have a code ASAP? Thank you
  7. CJ Pony Parts Forum Discount Code

    Code please ASAP thank you
  8. Pennsylvania 2015-17 GT Various Parts for sale

    Message me if your going to sell the X4
  9. New York Jms pedal max

    Post in V8 section https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/jms-pedalmax.117785/
  10. New York Jms pedalmax

    Have a lightly used pedal max for sale works on all ford vehicles from 2011 and up Completely eliminates any throttle lag https://www.jmschip.com/pedalmax-drive-by-wire-throttle-enhancement-device-plug-play-w-all-2011-2018-ford-vehicles-px1114f/ Ill take 200 shipped
  11. SCT X4 for sale $200

    Still for sale?
  12. Royal purple synchromax fluid change set

    Bump, must go make offers
  13. Livernois calibrator tuner

    210 shipped
  14. Livernois calibrator tuner

    210 shipped