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  1. 🏁 Official: 2025 Mustang GTD Revealed! 800+ HP, Pushrod Suspension, $300K MSRP

    Did Ford announce curb weight on this or??? It has to match Porsche GT4RS, GT3, GTxxx, etc I mean GT4RS is like 500hp at 3200# for $185k. Difficult to match corner speed with weight of S650 chassis even stripped. It must run a 1:18-1:20 or less at Harris Hill Raceway and 2:08-2:14 at COTA to be...
  2. GT500's 5.2L Predator V8 Now Available as Crate Engine (Priced $25,995)

    Wait wut? How do I get in on this?🤪
  3. Couldn't Resist, lol..side by side comparison -- Mustang EcoBoost vs Mach-E

    Dear Ford, Can we have a GT500 4 door similar to the Mach-E?
  4. Gen3 Coyote Oil Pan on a Gen2 Car?

    Cross post to summarize thread: search "oil pan low oil sensor" on forum or maybe "oil pan low oil sensor mustang" in google https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/oil-pan-low-oil-sensor.107589/ https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku/m-6675-m50a1.html...
  5. MUDstang vs Mustang Hill Climb

    Those wheel bearings will bind with that much lever placed on them. The locked wheel bearing will lock the shaft and break the shaft.
  6. Gen3 Coyote Oil Pan on a Gen2 Car?

    Yup. I dont recall doing anything special other than adhesive(HVAC)foil wrapped any spare connector and zip tie out of way.
  7. Texas OIL PAN for GT or GT350

    Listed here and in GT350 section. 10qt pan can be used to place the smaller 2015-2017 GT oil pans. So anyone running DOT track tires on street or tracking or HPDE. Or more oil capacity for FI, Whipple, TT etc...
  8. Texas FS: Stock Oil Pan GT350 $250 shipped CONUS, $200 pickup local

    Pan from a short block. Was swapped for FRPP racing pan, so this was a take off. Windage tray/baffles included. More pics if needed.
  9. Winter Project- Beauty meets beast

    ...as in handing out butt hurt...
  10. Winter Project- Beauty meets beast

    Thought illusion cherry was renamed to butt hurt?
  11. 2018 Mustang Performance Package Level 2 (PP2) "Tremor Package" Contents Revealed

    bummmp Thanks for listening Ford. God Bless you!
  12. Just found a pretty big quality control issue on my brand new vehicle. How to fix?

    edit: zoomed in that looks like fabric not paint. It just needs to be slid aft/out/toward wheel. Its looks just wedged in there. First off, when attacked by horde of Smurfs, avoid the reverse burnout AKA death blossom maneuver. Try the first gear "Car n Coffee" maneuver, even if you dont kill...
  13. Oil change nightmare

    For filter change, I use a large square of heavy duty aluminum foil to tuck up and all around the filter so that any errant oil can run down foil into catch pan. Loosen partially and let er run down side of filter a while to debork before she goes weeble wobbles. On drain plug yea lol...
  14. What lug nut torque have you settled on?

    Pics? Lets see your “stamped grade 8” studs. They look like this? Cause that aint grade 8.
  15. What lug nut torque have you settled on?

    Slandering Ford. Where you get that info? They are 10.9. Only time you ever see "8.8" mentioned regarding studs is in relation to an 8.8" differential, but not as the "grade" of the stud...
  16. What lug nut torque have you settled on?

    Real men do it finger tight only. 100 is way too high. like 80 prolly risky. im going back to 3 nuts after trying just 2 cause ya know, wanna save those sweet virgin threads for next owner in like 30 years when Im dead or tired of staring at me garage queen that signifies all my boyhood dreams...
  17. What lug nut torque have you settled on?

    You are NOT an ass. Ignore people The ass is the supplier making lug nuts out of junk metal that can only handle 105ftlb of torque instead of 150ftlb on an M14x1.5 thread. Those lug nuts are junk if they can NOT be torqued to 150ftlb. I would not trust cheap lug nuts. Internet will sell you...
  18. What lug nut torque have you settled on?

    Two different issues: 1. The durability of the stud and lug threads. 2. length of bolt needed to clamp a thicker assembly. OPMustang looks to be selling actual race grade hardware: Finish plating looks like Phosphate Oxide or Manganese Phosphate or Zinc Phosphate. Solid film coating (Dry film)...