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  1. Vibrant resonators

    The vibrants do a good job cleaning up the tone and bringing down the volume just a tad. Back when I was full Corsa Xtremes and added long tubes the 3" version really did a good job of killing the trumpety tone that it took on after the lth.
  2. Tuning in Southern California

    AED is local in Cali too. Ran his flex tune for years. Excellent performance and service.
  3. Added New Tune....what should I do next?

    Yup this. As was said very early on the very first thing would be to ditch the canned tune on the device and go with a real tune from a reputable tuner. The device should be used as a tool to load up custom tunes, not for the tunes that come on it. Then, tune for e85 if available in your area...
  4. SCT BDX tuner

    Been using the BDX for years now to load custom tunes etc no issues.
  5. Palm Beach or Livernois tune for the Mach 1

    And runs much cooler! Even if only getting e54 like some flex pumps that is a significant difference in power and cooling, but definitely a decrease in mpg to go with the cheaper gas price as well so it ends up being almost a wash for that.
  6. Added New Tune....what should I do next?

    Ditch the Bama canned tune, but can use the device itself to load a custom tune from a reputable tuner. Specifically tune for e85/flex if available in your area. Add long tubes at the same time you go e. Then look at rotational weight reduction like lighter wheels, brakes, drive shaft etc. Then...
  7. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    You'll need to switch out of S mode to run any non MS Store app. That's one of its biggest limitations.
  8. Roush Tune Dyno and Review

    Claiming 65whp from intake and a Bama canned tune? Would love to see the before and after dyno on that as that would be the best canned Bama tune in history.
  9. Boost Power on 2023

    Pull carbon trap from intake to regain the 10hp lost. Or swap to the older MY lid as suggested. Either should reclaim those few lost hp. That said, if you opt for any actual mods the warranty would not be voided but they can attempt to deny a claim for warranty work if they contribute whatever...
  10. soooo i think i messed up....

    No the streets are tamer but with long tubes you really want a more refined muffler solution. But then again sound is subjective.
  11. Best video of Ethanol I've seen: Why Does Ethanol Make So Much Power? (Versus Gasoline)

    That's not even that bad on full e85. I'll barely get more tha that even running e54 (flex fuel bs). Track/fun days on e90 are a tad less than that too.
  12. soooo i think i messed up....

    You're going to want something that won't drone and cleans up the sound. Corsa Sport sounds great on long tubes as does Borla S type or AWE Touring. Should bring volume down and refine the sound alot. You're also going to over pay on AM for most things and not get the level of customer service...
  13. Deepest Mufflers without Rasp - Full ARH Lt's

    A pair of Vibrant 1794s would clean up some rasp and tone. Those are 3" in and out and 12" long. I had Corsa Xtremes when stock and sounded great. Adding ARH long tubes the tone got entirely too trumpety. I added those resonators and it took the edge off and killed the trumpet tone. I...
  14. E85

    Having the flex option wouldn't be a bad idea either. So you'll still benefit even on e54.
  15. 2022 Mustang gt hydrocarbon filter

    If you are tuning for it sure you can even out and gain a bit. But open intakes lead to higher iats which can mean less timing aka less power. The +18 oem flows efficiently. Best bet, remove the carbon filter, replace intake filter with a high flow filter, keep oem intake. Increase in flow and...
  16. Car getting lund tuned with simple bolt ons..

    I'd skip the open intake to avoid higher iats, especially since the 18+ oem intake flows efficiently. But if in a colder climate may be less of an issue. Agreed on above, if not doing a flex tune then testing your e85 is a must.
  17. Long tube header suggestions

    ARH offers direct connect for Corsa. Fitment and quality top notch.
  18. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Wow UT emissions fails you for a catch can? 🤯
  19. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    That is really who will benefit, a base car with no drive modes, since that would be like driving around in "Normal" mode which should really only be done to bring the car up to operating temps. Should give you better shifting and a tiny bump in power.
  20. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Staging at the track as well.