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  1. FS: All GT350 mods and parts

    Few things left, make me an offer.
  2. FS: All GT350 mods and parts

    Everything you see is what's left, I have cleaned it up as items were sold.
  3. FS: All GT350 mods and parts

    Just a few things left, let's deal :)
  4. FS: All GT350 mods and parts

    Agreed, will do.
  5. FS: All GT350 mods and parts

    We'll agree to disagree. As I have already said, I have done similar part-outs on other forums with ZERO issues with similar guidelines. I'm not here to baby sit grown-ups. I'm still not sure why the expectation was me reaching out one more time, I had already sent the invoice. Pay it, send me...
  6. FS: All GT350 mods and parts

    Items sold have been removed from listing, anything still listed is available. I have also left feedback for anyone that I had a screen-name for, if you sent me an email without a screen name and do not see feedback from me please IM me and I'll take care of it- Thanks!
  7. FS: All GT350 mods and parts

    All of the questions you asked after claiming items, I answered promptly. I'm sorry you feel that claiming items first entitles you to a 48 hour window to complete a transaction, if you had been truly interested you could have sent funds via the PayPal email provided and drafted your own...
  8. FS: All GT350 mods and parts

    GT350 traded in so all mods/parts must go......all prices listed INCLUDE shipping within the continental US AND are OBO. Local pickups welcome, east side of metro ATL. If you catch me on the weekend parts will ship same/next day, if you catch me during the week parts will ship Friday. Many of...
  9. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    The GT350 incorporates Ford Smart Charging to save .00000001 mpg and only charge the battery xx percent ;) And, as coded the PCM probably only works well with the parameters of a factory battery. You can turn it off using ForScan and have a solid 14+ volts all the time instead of watching...
  10. Question Tegarding Clutch Spring

    One of the first/best/easy/cheapest mods (don't usually get to say those words in the same sentence). Linear and much improved feel over the 2 stage OE spring.....but if you like OE, you'll be fine as long as you don't drive a care with the better spring :D But some people might not be able...
  11. Need a Floor Jack for your 350?

    They are all made in China now so buy the cheap HF jack, my son's has held up as well as my Arcan and others I have.
  12. When to purchase new or used?

    I don't trust any early info until the car makes it to production ;)
  13. When to purchase new or used?

    GT350 values really could go either way, speculation at this point. What if the GT500 is auto only? That would be a deal breaker for many people I know, myself included.
  14. The ford performance air filter

    I just ordered these over the weekend, they are waiting for me to get home :D
  15. Need guidence on rotating driveshaft/wheels while car is on lift

    Whenever I have run a car in gear on jack stands, for various reasons, I always have back up jack stands under the car and my small/light wife in the driver seat so she can take action in an emergency. No issues so far.....YMMV.
  16. The ford performance air filter

    I almost ordered this filter last week from AM but thought I would wait and then this forum post went up and there was a run on the filter at AM :doh: :D But LMR had them in stock and was only a day later and a few dollars more, great to have so many vendors for parts for this car......have...
  17. The ford performance air filter

    Now on back order at AM, so LMR was next best choice : https://lmr.com/item/M9601G/ford-performance-gt350-performance-air-filter-m-9601-g
  18. OEM air filter

    If by OEM you mean the paper filter that came on the car, then No. AirAid makes the Ford Performance filter.
  19. OEM air filter

    See bottom of this instruction PDF: https://www.airaid.com/instructions/AIR-450-328_inst.pdf "NOTE: Synthamax Air Filters do not require oil. Service air filter as needed by cleaning with common non-petroleum allpurpose household cleaner and water. Simple Green®, Formula 409® or equivalent...
  20. OEM air filter

    I'll probably order this filter too, no oil and can be cleaned rather than replaced: https://www.americanmuscle.com/frpp-highflow-air-filter-1517gt350.html