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  1. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I have it at the base of the MAF -> TB tube, about 4 inches from the MAF end. Anywhere on that tube is fine really. Yeap, I had to cut out a section of the tube (an inch or so) to accommodate the ring and have the tube fit fine on the car.
  2. Anyone Dyno, Has physically Seen, ESS System 800+RWHP?

    You gained 130whp from the 105mm to 100mm pulley with no other changes?
  3. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    If you have the standard MAF -> TB tubing get the 3.5", that's what I have on mine. https://www.nitrousexpress.com/Barb-Water-Meth-ring.asp?childskumatch=SNO-40111-3.5 The 4" will fit the GT350/Bullitt tubing
  4. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    Looking for FFE with manageable volume, don't like overly loud setups. You mentioned you didn't see a power difference with the 2.5" borla resonator vs the 3" s-type's X-pipe. About how much power is your setup making?
  5. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    Have you got any more sound clips of your car Greg? Tryna gauge the volume of the 3" S-type paired with catless headers
  6. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    Thanks for the link, purchased one and can confirm mine is a true dual 3" resonated x as well. How much would you say the volume increase was going from the 60661 to this? I'll be pulleying down to the 100mm pulley soon on the G3 and my 2.5 exhaust with the 2.5 magnaflow tru-x won't cut it...
  7. Fuel System Randomly Primed

    Yes you'll have to add that channel to your channel config. For reference my rail temps are usually 110-120F in 90F Houston weather (Twin Walbro 274 pumps running full time on E85)
  8. Fuel System Randomly Primed

    Are you using VCM Scanner to monitor your fuel rail temps?
  9. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Wrap the housing with a layer of white paper towel and go for a drive, should make whatever the deposit is more visible
  10. Car pulls to the left after suspension mod - Alignment looks ALL green

    Everything being green on your alignment specs doesn't mean much as the green range can be pretty wide. Post the specs sheet from your alignment here. Hopefully you have easy access to the shop that did the install. You can check some things pretty quickly: 1. If you have a mostly level/flat...
  11. Fuel System Noises ?

    I have an Arcane stage 3 fuel system as well and have exactly the same sound on priming. Had it for over a year without any issue
  12. Source 3.31 Gears

    Will PM you
  13. Source 3.31 Gears

    Just called, they haven't got them in stock. Thanks though What city are you located in and any idea on the weight of the R&P? I've seen a couple places locally that have some used 3.31 ecoboost diffs for sale so will contact them and see if they can sell just the R&P.
  14. Source 3.31 Gears

    Does anyone have an idea what's going on with 3.31 gear kits for the S550 differentials? Seems to be on backorder everywhere (JL1Z-4209-A / FR3Z-4209-D). I have a loaded 3.55 Torsen diff from Ebay and planning to rebuild that with 3.31 gears. Would appreciate any leads to where I can get the...
  15. How Many Miles Boys and Girls

    Isn't this the GT500 sub-forum?
  16. Transmission Cooler

    Not sure if you're done with your setup but this was how I did mine. Derale 65860 cooler, Derale 16720 relay, American Volt inline thermostat switch, PBH trans cooler adapter, and 8AN lines and fittings as required. Routed the trans lines beside the fuel lines, up over rear subframe, and out to...
  17. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Seems Rob must've given you my tune lol. PM'd you a video I had exactly the same issue which he fixed with a tune update so reach out to him first before chasing vacuum leaks. Hopefully you have better luck overall. My car and built transmission didn't like the tune after multiple revisions so I...