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  1. a HORRIBLE nightmare

    Right. I would not mind if my S550 had come with the following S650 goodies: - charging port next to the rear view mirror - wireless carplay - hood struts - (that’s it) And the first two, I already solved via aftermarket. For the struts, I’m still debating whether I really care that much.
  2. Mach 1 making more power than the DH

    I used to be on the exact opposite of that philosophy. I would wait and buy cars after the 3-6 year cycles of the old/facelift model were over, and get into the new model with all the modern addons (automatic windshield wipers, auto-on head lights, Bluetooth phones, memory mirrors, parking...
  3. Mach 1 making more power than the DH

    The CO Mach 1 cheated. Competition Orange is obviously a faster color -- hence its name.
  4. The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    It is only used to offer a wifi signal to the phones/iPads/laptops of people in the car in case they don’t have their own 4G/LTE plan or their provider signal is weak. This requires an extra contract with AT&T, I believe.
  5. Job 1 vs Job 2 (shark fin) roof antenna and what they do

    I have the larger sync3 screen but I did not option the voice activated satnav. I am using CarPlay and Apple Maps instead. Does anybody know if CarPlay can tap in the car’s GPS for better antenna reception? If not, I’d be interested in removing it all. I don’t have a need for FordPass or SiriusXM.
  6. Kind of makes me rethink my use of FordPass

    For those interested, the advice from the other threads on this were: Check your Owner’s Manual for the “Telematic Control Unit – Modem” fuse. As reported: Location #10 for 2019 Location #8 for 2020. Also, about Nissan knowing your health history, the article says that Nissan can infer it...
  7. Say what ? DARKHORSE weight

    So glad they saved on the weight by dropping the physical buttons, dual eyebrows and heated/cooled recaros. Or by engineering flat-bottom steering wheels to save on that extra arc. /s For those still unhappy, don’t forget to option the carbon wheels for an extra 8k. Your wallet will feel the...
  8. Say what ? DARKHORSE weight

    7.8% more lbs for 6.4% more HP, then.
  9. I think the 21-23 Mach 1 might just be the best bang-for-your-buck specialty Mustang we’re likely to ever see from Ford again

    … + significantly better cooling … + all covered by factory warranties And just like you said, if you don't need PP1, you don’t need better cooling. But that’s another big justification over the GT performance packs for those who want to track their car occasionally and don’t want the car...
  10. USB charging port

    Fun story: was never able to satisfyingly remove the lint until my iPhone fell into sea water at the beach. After a couple of curse words and hours in a bag of rice, the lint started to fall off on its own. I don’t know if I have to recommend or not :wink: Also, cheap knockoff lighting cables...
  11. Mustang Mach 1 vs Golf R MK8?

    And it's really too bad that there's no shooting break version of the 6th gen Mustang... aside from artist illustrations.
  12. Trade the Mach 1 for an M2?

    cars.com shows that there are 65 new manual M1’s across the US, 13 of them below 60k.
  13. Hard Parking: A Mach 1 Picture Only Thread.

    Your car is spec-ed for or its appearance feels like it’s ready for the track but you never take it there. You are just happy with the flamboyant and ‘hard’ look of the car when it is parked, to talk about it and/or share pictures of it. The term is normally used in an derogative way against...

    Not waiting for the Dark Horse? No regrets!
  15. Buying new car cash: Dealer wants a credit check/financing application?

    This! And with some Savings accounts giving you back 4% or more at the moment, you could make 5K over 36 months.
  16. Knob misprint?

    For rental cars in Europe where the default is manual gearbox, it is useful to find where the manufacturer hid the R gear on that particular model. That’s 50% of the clue. Then you need to know if you have to push, pull or force slide to engage the R. Or lift up a decorative ring (crazy Renault...
  17. Knob misprint?

    Looks like whoever made the call for the Mach1 white knob also influenced the Dark Horse titanium one. From Raiti’s Ride video: Yes, the angle of that shot is skewing things a bit. But Raiti is actually pushing the knob to the right in that picture. You can make up your own opinion by...
  18. Knob misprint?

    Makes me want to start a poll : "In my manual Bullitt / Mach 1, the factory shifter knob is centered on which gears? " 1-2 3-4 5-6 Somewhere between 1-2 and 3-4 Completely off
  19. Knob misprint?

    You tell me. Here is a professional shot from the Internet, maybe from Ford or some car journalist. I start to see a pattern …
  20. Knob misprint?

    Is it just mine? Or are all M1 manual shift knobs off centered? Granted, it makes it easier to read the layout from the driver seat. But you really only need to read it once, so the convenience benefit gets old quickly, replaced by obsessive OCD. The 5-6 are centered, but they should be on the...