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  1. New part # on SCJ Manifold?

    https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-9424-M50CJA vs https://www.americanmuscle.com/cobrajet-intake-manifold-1113gt.html Is the lid the only change?
  2. Driveshaft for 6R80 CF or Alum?

    Hello, Looking for advice on a driveshaft for my '15 GT with a 6R80. I'm planning on ordering one next week. QA1 Carbon Fiber vs DSS Carbon Fiber vs Dynotech Aluminum? What if any is the weight difference? Any special features of either of these over the other? Full bolt ons. Thank you in...
  3. Cutting rear valence for Quads?

    I saw some thread on this but no detail as to where to cut, etc. Has anyone cut their premium rear valence to fit quad tips?
  4. Dumped Exhaust?

    I saw RB's thread on it. Is anyone else running dumped exhaust? What setup are you using? Sound Clips?
  5. Corsa Sport CB vs. ARH CB for A6 with LTHs?

    Yes, I searched. Most of the stuff ive read are with people with an M6 transmission. I've watched multiple videos on YT and cant decide between these two Cat Backs. I plan on adding Long Tubes with an Off Road X Pipe soon. I also have an A6 which produces more drone than our M6 brethren...
  6. New exhaust: 3" Dr. Gas! FreqMod Mufflers

    3" Off Road X Pipe, 3" Dynomax Mid Bullet Mufflers and Dr. Gas! Heavy Duty FreqMod Mufflers and 4" Dr. Gas! Resonated Tips. Yes, I like being different :)
  7. Ryan's Performance in Lake Charles, La

    Has anyone been dyno tuned by Ryan's Performance? What was your experience? Would you recommend him?
  8. Ryan's Performance in Lake Charles, La

    Has anyone had a dyno tune from Ryan's Performance in Lake Charles? What were your results?
  9. 2.5 exhaust vs 3 inch for my setup?

    Yes, I searched. I currently have 3 in mak cat deletes, 2.5 in lethal x pipe and 2.5 pipe to GT500 axleback. My plan is to convert to a 3 in x pipe, 3 in pipe to 3 in mufflers. I have a GT350 manifold and tb that spins to 7800rpm. Would the 3 in benefit me at this point? I also wonder at...
  10. MAK Cat Deletes, Lethal X Pipe and GT500 axleback *Updated AED cam tune Video*

    Like the title. 2015 GT with MAK Cat Deletes , Lethal X Pipe and GT500 axleback.
  11. Does anyone have an A6 GT tuned by AED or Mike Rousch?

    Does anyone have an A6 GT tuned by AED or Mike Rousch? How is the power and the A6 shifting schedule? I'm not asking about previous experiences with S197s, I'm asking about S550s. Thanks for any replies :)
  12. Flowmaster 40/44 with Cat Deletes and X Pipe?

    Does anyone have this combo? Delta 40s, Original 40s or Super 44s with Cat deletes or headers with an X pipe?
  13. Water pump bolt torque specs?

    Does anyone know the torque specs on the water pump pulley bolts?
  14. Next mod help.. Shaftmasters DS or Viking Drag Shocks

    Need help with my next mod... bang for the buck, viking rear drag shocks... would they improve much? Or a shaftmasters aluminum driveshaft...?
  15. Triple Yellow Wheel Ideas?

    Please post up your TY wheel setups!!
  16. What is the record for the fastest untuned A6 GT?

    What is the record for the fastest untuned A6 GT?
  17. A6 3.15s 11.88 @ 116mph POPs Racing 93 Tune, Roush Cai, Nittos

    New Personal Best at Royal Purple Raceway Last Night: Power Mods: POPs Racing Adam Marrer 93 Octane Tune Roush Cold Air Intake Borla S-Type Catback Other Mods: Nitto NT05R Tires SVE Front Wheels BMR Vertical Links / Toe Rods STOCK Intake Manifold, STOCK Exhaust Manifolds, 93 Octane Fuel...
  18. New PB tonight at Royal Purple Raceway CAI, Tune, Tires, ETC. A6 3.15

    Mods in sig. 15mph headwind and cold track!
  19. JDM Engineering A6 Tune Review/Results

    Tune review of the JDM Engineering 93 Octane A6 Tune. 1. The 3 reasons I went with JDM Engineering over the others. First: I remember talking to Jim Sr. one year at an NMRA event at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown. He was SUPER helpful and friendly. I saw he was working directly with Saleen...