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  1. When I turn on the air conditioning, the engine seems to sound different

    Completely normal. My exhaust gets a little more rumbly if I turn mine on as well. :like:
  2. Best pistons / rods for Coyote gen 3

    Genuine question. Why? I feel like this is money much better spent somewhere else. Stock rods and pistons can handle several hundred horsepower over that no problem.
  3. FlexFuel Tune ?

    When I first got my flex tune, all I did when I initially switched from 91 to E85 was run the tank down to below 1/4, fill, park for 10-15 minutes, and then drive conservatively for about the same amount of time. Other than that, man do these cars rip on corn. You will absolutely love it. :like:
  4. 2022 mustang gt base tick/knock

    It's what he's telling himself it is.
  5. 2022 mustang gt base tick/knock

    Mine has had little ticks and rattles since day 1. Bought new in 2019 and now has 21K on it. Runs like a scalded dog and the noises don't even register with me anymore. Sorry you chose to miss out on this awesome engine over what's been proven to be a non-issue.
  6. Quiet-ish catback? Is there such a thing?

    This is what I have with the FP by Borla resonator in place. Sounds great while being civil. Deep, smooth tone.
  7. All S550 model years of 5.0 Coyote: How many have NOT had any Coyote issues?

    Just hit 20K on my 2019 GT 10 speed. Been great to me so far. I tuned for Flex/E85 in celebration of the occasion. Game changing.
  8. Recommendations on a new short block?

    Yes. This is where the 3rd gen gets its displacement increase from over 2nd gen. The space otherwise needed by traditional liners is turned into usable volume.
  9. Recommendations on a new short block?

    Negative. It's about the thickness of a human hair.
  10. 5.0 2 to 3k rpm "clatter" everyone have it?

    2019 GT. Have both tick and rattle. Touching 20K on the odo and not burning any oil. Runs like a scalded dog. I don't even think about them anymore.
  11. Warranty service appointment more than a month out?

    Just a heads up, I had mine checked out for lift off rattle when cold, and the dealer showed me both Mustangs and F-150's that do the same thing, and that there was no need for concern at this point as they've not detected it doing damage. So I wouldn't expect anything to get done for that...
  12. LUND RACING vs PBD Tunes?

    I've heard bad things about Lund too. No company is perfect. My experience when I contacted PBD and had some questions for them was great. They were fast and gave me exactly the information I was looking for. Hard to complain about that.
  13. LUND RACING vs PBD Tunes?

    I plan on tuning soon here myself. From the research I've done, you'll be splitting hairs as far as tune quality goes. For the sake of saving some greenbacks at no cost to reliability or performance, PBD makes more sense to me, and that's the route I'll be taking.
  14. Tuning Device

    Well, that changes everything. Good thing I didn't order a device yet. This is game changing.
  15. Tuning Device

    So PBD will only flex tune with 93 being the minimum fuel grade? Not 91?
  16. Tuning device RTD, UCal, SCT

    I'm ready to go flex as well. Holding out for the UCal to be back in stock and going with PBD for the tune.
  17. Resonator advice

    Look at the Ford Performance by Borla resonator. It's an enclosed H-pipe with no packing. This is what I have without headers currently. It sounds great when I give it the skinny pedal, and civil when I'm farting around. I feel WITH headers it'd also be fantastic. In Borla fashion, it's a lower...
  18. First Oil Change And The "Tick"

    Drive the piss out of it man. I'm obsessive over shit myself, I get it. you have warranty coverage. Enjoy the powerplant and relax. All is well. :like:
  19. Corsa Performance Cold Air Intake 2018+ Mustang GT

    I was referring to the intake tube and the box on the Corsa. My mistake for not clarifying!
  20. Cold Air Intakes...

    I've had my eye on the Corsa since they launched, but my primary motivation is looks. I already have an AFE dry filter in my stock box. From a performance perspective, I don't think they're worth what they sell for, but damn they look nice. Is that worth the price of admission to you? I'm...